Probing for Mill-Turn Machines

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November 12, 2020
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January 8, 2021

Probing on a CNC machine offers several advantages when manufacturing precision machined parts. The part program zero can be automatically adjusted and set to ensure a part will be machined complete, even when the stock size varies. When machining tight tolerance part features, test cuts can be performed then measured using a probe, and offsets can be adjusted to safeguard against machining the feature undersize or oversize. After the feature is machined, a probe can be used to confirm it has machined within tolerance. In addition, once the part is completely machined probing can be used to measure the entire part and an inspection report can be generated to ensure the part has been machined within the specified tolerances.

CAMWorks allows users to create complex 3D part programs for mill-turn or multi-tasking machining centers, and take full advantage of the probing capabilities available on the machines. Using the automation included in the software, the user can leverage feature recognition and knowledge based machining technology to quickly create a CNC program. A probing operation can be created at the start of the program to set the part program zero by probing the stock. In addition, the programmer can insert a probing operation at any point in the CNC program to utilize the on-machine probing after machining a critical part feature. The probing operation is then automatically included within the CNC part program as opposed to manually inserting probing routines into the G and M code files, a practice that is subject to errors.

Probe simulation happens in an interactive, step-by-step environment within the CAMWorks software. When the programmer adds a probing step, the toolpath is immediately displayed. There is no lag between programming and toolpath creation and the programmer can instantly confirm the right toolpath has been created.

Once the CNC program has been created and the probing operations have been added, the software post processes the program into machine tool G and M codes and the programmer sends the complete, ready to run program to the appropriate machine. Operators then select the program from the machine’s CNC control.

The software is compatible with all probe-ready Mill-turn machines. Its capabilities include a wide variety of G-code probing routines, full toolpath simulation with collision avoidance of solid models, and built-in probe-calibration routines that adheres to industry standards.



Set Work Offsets in Seconds  

Anybody who has run a CNC machine knows how long it take to set your work offset. What if you can do that in a fraction of the time? It turns out you can do it, with the help of the new CAMWorks probing functionality.

Also manufacturing of critical features with tight tolerances often requires adjusting offsets and can sometimes require resetting the coordinate system. Probing operations are used to check and adjust offsets, and reset toolpath coordinates to enable the most precise manufacturing capable by the machine for that application. Probing for these mill-turn machining centers or multitasking machines are now included in CAMWorks. Part setting of large and complex components, high volume or high precision equipment requires high precision manufacturing to achieve the desired performance. Components have many critical features with precise tolerances.




Probing Support for Mill-Turn machines



How to setup a Probing Operation on Mill-Turn


In CAMWorks 2021 it’s easy to create a new probing operation and associate it to an existing setup. Choose the desired probe from your tool-crib, and select the previously machined surfaces to create new coordinate references for the subsequent machining operations. It’s easy to move the probing operation to any location in the program. CAMWorks 2021 makes it fast and easy to create your most complex manufacturing operations and easily add probing operations to verify them.







Setup reduction time is critical to maximizing the productivity of any machine tool. With the probing solutions available on the CNC machines these days the job setup time can be reduced from several minutes, to a few seconds.

Thanks to the Probing functions in CAMWorks, programming probes have become fast and easy. CNC programmers can now take full advantage of the probing capabilities on Mill-turn and multi-tasking machines using CAMWorks 2021.

Machined components have many critical features which require precise measurement. Using the new probing operation functionality makes it easy to machine features to the tightest possible tolerances. CAMWorks 2021 makes it fast and easy to create your most complex probing operations, to help save time and money.

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