CAMWorks 2023 Video Gallery

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CAMWorks 2023 Video Gallery

  • Wire EDM Premium
  • Euler Angles Method for 5 Axis Rotary (3+2) Milling
  • Machine Cavities with VoluMill
  • Support for Tapered and Neck Shank Type Tools
  • Improved Sync Manager for Synchronous Machining
  • Option to Define Height of 2.5 Axis Milling Islands

Resizing Tool Select Filter

Edit the Min Hole Diameter

Linking of LeadinOut Parameters

Support for Tapered and Neck Use

End Direction 2 for islands

Support for canned cycle threading operations when cut type is reversed


CAMWorks 2023 Euler Angels

New Probing Cycles

Machine Cavities for VoluMill

Considering the correct feeds and speeds

Wire EDM Premium Color Coding

Wire EDM Premium Decals

Wire EDM Premium Form Tool

Wire EDM Premium Variable Land

Wire EDM Premium on Contour Features