What’s New in CAMWorks 2022

HCL CAMWorks 2022 automates Smart Manufacturing for CNC programming and is the most advanced CAM software available on the market. CAMWorks2022 combines feature-based CAM technology, automatic feature recognition, rules-based machining, and tolerance-based machining to leverage MBD and PMI technology.

Barrel Tool Support for Milling Operations

  • Provides better surface finish with barrel tools for finishing operations
  • Support for standard, conical tangent, tapered, lens and advanced user-defined barrel tools
  • Support for multi-axis milling and 3 axis milling operations

Barrel Tools in the TechDB™

  • Ability to view, edit and save barrel
    tools using the Barrel Tool interface
  • Max diameter and corner radius options
  • Notification if tool geometry falls outside parameters
  • Barrel tools can be filtered, identified
    and added to tool cribs

PrimeTurning™ from Sandvik Coromant

  • One of the first integrated CAM systems to add support for PrimeTurning™ inserts and holders
  • Reduced cycle time for turning by 50% or more
  • Increased insert tool-life by 500% or more
  • Full toolpath support for turning in the unique PrimeTurning™ directions

PrimeTurning™ tool library

  • Majority of the PrimeTurning™ inserts offered by Sandvik Coromant are available with CAMWorks Technology Database or TechDB™
  • Includes both type A and B PrimeTurning™ inserts
  • Easily accessible directly inside the patented CAMWorks Technology Database
  • Library of over 85 unique PrimeTurning™ tools
  • Filter exclusively for quickly locating PrimeTurning™ inserts and tools

CAMWorks task pane UI

  • Get the latest news from CAMWorks
  • Gain easy access to tutorials and the learning center
  • Get real-time alerts on important product updates, releases, and collateral
  • Use browser controls and website access

Ability to use multiple technology databases

  • New capability to use multiple TechDBs
  • Customize each TechDB for specific machine types or manufacturing applications
  • Create a selectable list of available TechDBs
  • Easily select the TechDB using CAMWorks options

Z-level probing support for non-planar surfaces

  • Ability to probe points on a surface and select non-planar surfaces during Z axis probing operations
  • By default, the highest point on the surface will be selected
  • Multiple cycles can be created to probe at various points along the surface in milling, turning or mill/turn parts

Option for Filter milling and turning tools or assemblies using text strings

  • A new search parameter of text string is introduced in CAMWorks 2022
  • Users can search for tools using any customized text
  • Quickly filter tools located in the library

Document Manager in CAMWorks ShopFloor

  • Allows users to add, review and remove documents of almost any type to the ShopFloor file, without the need for a full ShopFloor license
  • Ideal for departments outside of manufacturing, such as purchasing or finance, to add files to the CAMWorks ShopFloor files
  • Links to added files are created for tracking purposes and a history of changes is provided
  • Protects users design IP and internal data

Geometry Tab for 3 Axis Operations Workflow

  • New geometry tab in 3 Axis Operations to improve workflow and save time
  • Provides the ability to edit the multi-surface feature being machined, create avoid features (faces to avoid), contain areas and avoid areas
  • Options can be added, edited and/or deleted and features can be selected within the geometry tab, removing the need to go back to the feature tree each time

Added VoluMill Enhancements

  • Option to convert rapid moves to high-feed moves to significantly reduce shaking of the machine and make smooth movements between toolpaths
  • Option to convert arc moves to line moves, with the ability to specify a deviation value

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