CAMWorks 2021 Video Gallery

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CAMWorks 2021 Video Gallery

  • Import Tools from Helical and Harvey Tool Catalog or CSV Files
  • 5 Axis – Spiral Swarf Milling and 5 Axis – Minimize Tilting
  • Cylindrical Stock Support
  • ShopFloor – Add Additional Documents and View/Edit Content
  • Improved Sync Manager for Synchronous Machining
  • Probing – Additional Parameters and 3 Point Boss / Bore
  • Contain Toolpath within the Contact Point Boundaries
  • TechDB – Default Feature Options and Resequencing of Operations<
  • Feature Recognition – Recognize non-uniform fillets/chamfer


Continuous B axis Turning Functionality

Probing in Mill Turn

Import Export of Tool data

Minimize Tilting and Spiral Toolpath

Up and Down in Technology Database

Perimeter End Conditions

Harvey and Helical Tool Data Rough Draft

3 Point Probe Cycle

Contact Area Waterfall ends

5 axis Spiral

Option for Defining Cylindrical Stock Type in Mill Mode

5 axis Spiral

Prompt for Rebuild of CAM data when stock is modified

Option to Define Bounding Box Stock in Mill Mode using Pre Defined Blocks

Option to Define Peck Amount

TechDB Reorder Operations

Option to Modify Post Processor Path