Code of PLM Openness

CAMWorks is an HCL Technologies product which holds fast to Code of PLM Openness (CPO). Understanding the eminence of transparency in the IT sphere , the company proactively participates in the identification of problem area, addresses them and establishes standardized practices for the benefit of vendors, customers, service providers-naming few key stakeholders. With innovation in its DNA , passion as its backbone, HCL Technologies understands the necessity of capturing, practicing and emanating best practices. Encouraging collaboration and data exchange, the company promises seamless integration of best practices and technology- joining hands with market leaders who abide by the Code of PLM Openness (CPO).

The Code of PLM Openness is a testimony of voluntary commitment to self and participant companies for maintaining a transparent position in the market. CAMWorks’ commitment to CPO also spells its initiative in inviting others worldwide to join the movement.

Statement: ProSTEP_iViP_CPO_Statement – CAMWorks

CPO Compliance Table – CAMWorks for SOLIDWORKS and CAMWorks for Solid Edge

Company : HCL Technologies Ltd.Contact Person : Vivek Govekar
Subjected Products : CAMWorks for SOLIDWORKS and CAMWorks for Solid Edge
CPO TermsRelated Products :

1.       CAMWorks for SOLIDWORKS

2.       CAMWorks for Solid Edge

FulfilledNot/Partially FulfilledComments
2.1 InteroperabilityFulfilled
2.2 InfrastructureFulfilled
2.3 ExtensibilityFulfilled
2.4 InterfacesFulfilled
2.5 StandardsFulfilled
2.6 ArchitectureFulfilled
2.7 PartnershipFulfilled
List of Supported Standards and software programming languages

API: C/C++ / .NET C# / .NET VB.NET

3D CAD: IGES / Parasolid / STL / STEP / VDAFS

Other: All other 3D formats supported by SOLIDWORKS and Solid Edge for which B-Rep and Geometry data is available.

An initiative by ProSTEP iViP, CAMWorks perseveres to set an example across domains and departments where each is granted the freedom to apply methodologies/tools in the existing IT landscape. Motivated by the prospect of innovation and the idea of independently contributing to the wide array of openness (which is a set of topics). Strengthening the relationship between IT systems and its different vendors, CAMWorks demonstrates its attribute of being fine-tuned with market requirements!