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Manufacturing Enablers for the COVID-19 Era and Beyond

Today’s technologies make working remotely more feasible than ever and the COVID-19 pandemic is hastening both the demand for automation and increasing the need for smart solutions and distance manufacturing.

CAMWorks ShopFloor - Getting Started

This Webinar training session on CAMWorks ShopFloor, the new inexpensive CAD/CAM system designed for use on the ShopFloor. Gain an understanding of how SOLIDWORKS CAM & CAMWorks can create a single compact file including the solid model, CAM information, setup sheets, and CNC G-code program for use by those on the shop floor. CAMWorks ShopFloor provides companies with a digital platform to meet Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 initiatives, improve quality, and increase productivity. Gain the skills you need to empower your shop floor with the Smart Manufacturing tools they need to avoid errors and increase production at a fraction of the cost of a full CAD/CAM system. Register now to start down the path to a model-based enterprise!

NESTINGWorks - Getting Started

This training session on NESTINGWorks, the true-shape nesting add-in for SOLIDWORKS . Improve your skills and increase your ability to secure additional orders. NESTINGWorks is ideal for nesting parts and assemblies onto sheet-stock from a variety of materials for CNC machining inside SOLIDWORKS! Gain the skill to use NESTINGWorks and learn how SOLIDWORKS CAM Pro and CAMWorks can be used to generate programs for CNC machines including routers, lasers, water jets, and more!

SOLIDWORKS® CAM and CAMWorks - Leveraging MBD for Smart Manufacturing

The Digital Transformation is here! Join us for a session on how to use SOLIDWORKS MBD to improve designs by creating a smart digital twin to help reduce costs and make parts easier to manufacture and inspect. SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard is the CAM system included in every seat of SOLIDWORKS 2018, 2019, and 2020* also includes Tolerance Based Machining or TBM. Learn how MBD and TBM can be used to automate the manufacturing process. Don’t miss out on the opportunity see the latest Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 technology...

SOLIDWORKS® CAM and CAMWorks - Getting Started with the TechDB

This getting started training session on how to use the Technology Database or TechDB included in SOLIDWORKS CAM and CAMWorks. Topics in this session will include: how to create a Machine and a standard set of tools (or Tool Crib) for a machine, machining strategies and operations, how to save machining strategies back to the TechDB for later use, default strategies and how to assign them to a machine, and more! Learn how the TechDB can capture your best practices and help you to automate the CNC programming process...

SOLIDWORKS® CAM for Designers - A Path to Better Designs

Design for machining! Join us for a session on how to use SOLIDWORKS CAM to improve designs, reduce cost, and make parts easier to manufacture. SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard is the CAM system included in every seat of SOLIDWORKS 2018, 2019, and 2020*. Learn how this valuable feature can not only automate the CNC programming process... but also be used to as an invaluable tool for improving your designs for manufacturing. Don’t miss out on the opportunity experience the latest SOLIDWORKS CAM technology...

Take CNC Router Productivity to the Next Level

Can you currently nest and machine solid models all within one system? If you can’t, you sure can now!

  • Trouble with last-minute CAD revisions? ... With CAMWorks, the CAM operations will not only automatically update when SOLIDWORKS model revisions take place, but machinable features will also be identified automatically.
  • Difficulty nesting solid models? ... Discover how to efficiently nest and machine native SOLIDWORKS models.
  • Issues with tab machining? ... Experience increased productivity with interactive tab machining in CAMWorks.
  • Struggling with multiple operations when roughing and finishing a part? ... CAMWorks supports a single operation for profile roughing and finishing.

Announcing CAMWorks 2020 - CADCAM Tools for Smart Manufacturing!

how implementing the latest CAM technology can help you reduce the time required to generate CNC programs, cut setup times, and reduce cycle time. Using cutting edge automatic feature recognition, knowledge based machining, and on-the-machine touch probe inspection... companies all over the world a using the latest Smart Manufacturing/Industry 4.0 technology to automate the CNC programming process. Learn how tolerance based machining or TBM, can read MBD/PMI data, and automatically select the correct machining strategy to meet the tolerance and surface finish requirements. Experience the all new CAMWorks ShopFloor application for taking CAD/CAM data with MBD & PMI information onto the ShopFloor at affordable that price