About CAMWorks ShopFloor

CAMWorks ShopFloor is the latest Industry 4.0/Smart Manufacturing tool specially designed for the CNC machinist on the shop floor and promotes digital manufacturing by providing 3D models with MBD & PMI data and CNC programming information to the shop floor in a single, compact digital format.

CAMWorks ShopFloor provides state-of-the-art digital tools for machinists to leverage digital machining data in part models, reducing errors and improving communication between CNC programmers and shop floor machinists.

This allows companies to move beyond traditional methods and meet Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 initiatives, as well as improve quality, increase productivity and reduce the number of needed CAD/CAM software licenses. With CAMWorks ShopFloor, 3D digital models capture extensive data from the part design files and provide tools that machinists can utilize to produce parts with fewer miscommunications between the design and manufacturing departments.

Empower your shop floor with the Smart Manufacturing tools they need to avoid errors and increase production at a fraction of the cost of a CAD/CAM system. A full suite of tools are provided to view and precisely measure 3D parts and assemblies. Digital setup sheets and tool lists can be sent along with the 3D part models and CNC programs, and the machinist can virtually simulate the CNC program using cutting-edge 3D simulation. The ability step-through every move in a CNC program is provided to reduce setup time and eliminate the need to dry-run programs on the machine.

CAMWorks ShopFloor

CAMWorks ShopFloor WorkFlow

Smart Manufacturing – Industry 4.0 Digital Container

CAMWorks ShopFloor makes all the manufacturing data available to the shop floor in a digital format, under one single interface

CAMWorks ShopFloor Benefits

  • Improve Communication with the ShopFloor Using Digital Technology
  • Virtually Check Programs on the Shop Floor
  • Reduce Setup Time
  • Increase Production and Reduce Delivery Time
  • Improve Quality and Consistency
  • Avoid Machining the Wrong Revision of the Part
  • Avoid Costly Collisions
  • Reduce Downtime & Maintenance Costs

CAMWorks ShopFloor at a Glance

  • View, rotate, pan, zoom, dynamically section, and precisely measure 3D parts and assemblies
  • Display, search, and filter MBD and PMI dimensions and data
  • Digital setup sheets and tool lists can be included along with the CNC programs
  • Full 3D toolpath simulation with material removal
  • Step-through and simulate every move in a CNC program
  • Full featured NC Editor powered by Cimco with back-plotting and communication capabilities
  • Automatic file checking to detect changes in either the CAD or CAM file alert the user to avoid machining the wrong revision of the part and maintain associativity along the digital thread

About CAMWorks ShopFloor

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CAMWorks ShopFloor Publisher

Tha CAMWorks ShopFloor Publisher is a SOLIDWORKS addin Which allows SOLIDWORKS CAM user to generate ShopFloor Files (*.cwspflr) for part/assembly programmed for CNC machining.

The CAMWorks ShopFloor Publisher is included with CAMWorks and is available as a FREE add-in for SOLIDWORKS CAM.

Once a SOLIDWORKS assembly or part has been programmed and is ready to be machined, the ShopFloor Publisher captures the information needed by the machinists, including the assembly or part model, CAM data, 3D toolpath simulation file, setup sheet, tool list, and the G-code program for the CNC machine.

SOLIDWORKS CAM ShopFloor Publisher

Take your Shop Floor into the 21st Century

Empower your shop floor with the Smart Manufacturing tools they need to avoid errors and increase production at a fraction of the cost of a CAD/CAM system


What is CAMWorks ShopFloor?
CAMWorks ShopFloor is a newly introduced application in the CAMWorks suite of software products. CAMWorks ShopFloor is an independent standalone application. It serves as a collaboration tool between CAM Programmers (who use the CAMWorks application to generate CAM data for part models and/or assemblies to be machined) and the Machine ShopFloor (where actual machining of the concerned part models/assemblies take place).
Who are the intended users of CAMWorks ShopFloor Application?
The personnel working at the Machine ShopFloor are the intended users of the CAMWorks ShopFloor application.
Does the CAMWorks ShopFloor Application require a License to run?
Yes, CAMWorks ShopFloor is a licensed application.
  • To run CAMWorks ShopFloor neither SOLIDWORKS nor CAMWorks license is needed. You only need CAMWorks ShopFloor license
  • The licensing mechanism for the CAMWorks ShopFloor application is identical to that for the CAMWorks. CAMWorks ShopFloor uses the same License Manager as that of CAMWorks
How would plastics parts makers/mold makers use ShopFloor?
ShopFloor provides mold makers and CNC machinists with a new set of powerful tools by taking CAD/CAM and much more onto the shop floor at a fraction of the cost of a full CAD/CAM system. ShopFloor creates a digital container which contains all of the files needed to setup and machine a mold. The solid model, setup sheets, tool lists, and G-code can be sent to the shop floor in a single, compact digital file. Out on the floor machinist and inspectors can use CAMWorks ShopFloor to open the solid model, view, measure, and dynamically section the model… they can also see the CAM data including the sequence of operations, tools, and even perform toolpath simulation with material removal just like a full CAM system provides. The ShopFloor user can also use Step-through simulation to check each and every move of a CNC program and use CAMWorks state-of-the-art NC Editor to review the G-code and send it to the CNC machine. ShopFloor also supports the display of MBD & PMI data for Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0… and CAMWorks Tolerance Based Machining can leverage MBD & PMI data to automate CNC programming. In addition, ShopFloor tracks the CAD/CAM model and will alert the shop floor if changes have been made to the CAD or CAM data to avoid machining an obsolete revision of the part or assembly… to complete the digital thread.
What are the benefits of ShopFloor?
The benefits include improved communication with the shop floor using digital technology. ShopFloor empowers shop floor personnel with a new set of powerful tools and is the first system available to provide mold makers with an affordable effective means of leveraging CAD/CAM, MBD & PMI information, and more throughout the manufacturing process. Machinist can virtually check CNC programs using cutting edge simulation eliminating the need to dry-run a program reducing setup time, avoiding costly collisions, broken tools, and downtime and maintenance. Thanks to a more efficient paperless, digital process… ShopFloor also improves quality, increases production, reduces delivery time, and promotes Smart Digital Manufacturing.
Would it be accurate to say it’s a more cost-effective or accessible tool than a full CAD/CAM software program?
Yes, absolutely! In fact, ShopFloor provides a powerful set of CAD/CAM tools and much more at a fraction of the cost of a full CAD/CAM system and is available with a network license to allow multiple users to leverage ShopFloor throughout a manufacturing facility… as well as term licenses to make ShopFloor even more affordable.
Does ShopFloor have a library of compatible machining centers/tools?
ShopFloor was designed to work with any machine including 3 axis, 4, & 5 axis machining centers, lathes and turning centers of all kinds, and mill-turn centers from any manufacturer.

CAMWorks ShopFloor Application Demo

Shop Floor Overview!

  •  A Complete CAD Viewer
  • A Complete CAM Viewer
  •  CAM Data Archive or a digital container
  • PDM Compatible
  • Associative and Trackable
  • Independent, lightweight and inexpensive
  • Collaboration