Put simply, this new feature will be a humongous timesaver for machinists and engineers in the throes of designing a product.


The next major innovation in CAM software will be ability to leverage the MBD information in 3D digital models to automatically generate CNC programs that will meet the specified quality requirements.

Al Stimac, President of the Manufacturing Association of Florida

TBM Handles Models Without Dimensions

DimXpert + Tolerance Based Machining

With the introduction of Tolerance Based Machining by CAMWorks, the manual tasks associated to preparing parts with close tolerances, asymmetric tolerances, surface finishes and other drawing annotations for toolpath generation will now be part of the past. Not only does CAMWorks automatically identify manufacturing features and automatically create toolpaths, CAMWorks will now recognize the tolerances and surface finishes associated with a feature to select the appropriate tools, speeds, feeds, etc… to generate the best toolpath. For the first time, an application that leverages this information to automate and dramatically accelerate the manufacturing process is now available.

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