Introducing PrimeTurning™ from Sandvik Coromant

With a high material removal rate, more than 50% reduced cycle time for turning, and a more than 500% increased insert tool life, PrimeTurning™ is a significant turning innovation available now with HCL CAMWorks. HCL CAMWorks is one of the first integrated CAM systems to support PrimeTurning™ from technology partner Sandvik Coromant, which uses CoroTurn® Prime Type-A and Type-B tools in conjunction with unique toolpaths to achieve increased feeds and speeds, shorter cycle times, and longer tool life. It offers the flexibility for turning operations in all directions.

Advantages of PrimeTurning™

Higher Feed Rates

The shape of the CoroTurn® Prime tool inserts, combined with toolpaths that turn in the opposite direction than those with a conventional turning process, makes it possible to achieve a smaller entry angle and better chip control. This allows the machine to achieve a higher feed rate – typically 2 to 3 times faster than conventional feed rates – while still maintaining the same close tolerances and quality finishing.  In addition, the direction of the toolpaths provides the ability to machine right up against a 90-degree shoulder on parts.

Extended Tool Life

PrimeTurning™ also significantly extends tool life. With conventional turning, the high heat and high load are focused on the corner of the tool insert, where the least amount of carbide is found.  With PrimeTurning™, the high heat and high load is spread over a longer distance, distributing the strain over the larger portion of the cutting edge and the area with the higher volume of carbine.  This provides a tool life that is up to 500% longer than typical tool life when using conventional turning methods.

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Complete PrimeTurning™ tool library support

The majority of PrimeTurning™ inserts offered by technology partner Sandvik Coromant are available with CAMWorks Technology Database or TechDB™.

  • Includes both type A and B PrimeTurning™ inserts
  • Easily accessible directly inside the patented CAMWorks Technology Database
  • Library of over 85 unique PrimeTurning™ tools
  • Filter exclusively for quickly locating PrimeTurning™ inserts and tools