CAMWorks Tips & Tricks

Whether you are a beginning, intermediate, or experienced CAMWorks user... the tips, tricks, shortcuts and suggestions on this page provide time-saving, useful techniques that can increase your productivity and expertise.

1CW-Tip 20120411 -Creating a new mill tool from within CAMWorks
2CW-Tip 20111010 -Search for CAMWorks commands within the SolidWorks 2012 search bar
3CW-Tip 20110804 – Working with multiple open documents at the same time
4CW-Tip 20110130 – Add Additional Strategies – The easy way!
5CW-Tip 20110331 – Add Additional Strategies – The easy way! – Part 2
6CW-Tip 20101230 – How feature Icons provide time saving information?
7CW-Tip 20101030 – Using an SQL-Based TechDB
8CW-Tip 20100215 – Sorting Operations Manually
9CW-Tip 20091215 – Using 3Dconnexion Devices with CAMWorks Solids
10CW-Tip 20091008 – Using Interactive Feature Recognition Efficiently
11CW-Tip 20090815 – Using the Keyboard for Continuous Movement
12CW-Tip 20090515 – Are Engrave Toolpaths segmented?
13CW-Tip 20090320 – Where did my CAMWorks Message Window go?
14CW-Tip 20090115 – How can I optimize simulation speed?
15CW-Tip 20080520 – How do I create additional operations without adding the same feature twice?