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January 2, 2018
5 Axis Machining – Blade/Impeller
November 11, 2019

CAMWorks ShopFloor was recently released – with tools to help machine shops move beyond 2D drawings and PDF files to fully digital files!

The ability to use digital files between design and manufacturing teams eliminates the errors and miscommunications that can cause delays and material waste.

With CAMWorks ShopFloor, designers publish a ShopFloor file with the SOLIDWORKS native design model.  Machinists on the shop floor then use this file to view the model, take measurements, search and filter MBD/PMI data, run simulations and edit G-code for production of the part.

No more wasted time and material by machining an outdated version of the part!  If any edits are made to the CAD or CAM files of the part, ShopFloor alerts the machinist.

And you save money because CAMWorks ShopFloor eliminate the need to have a full CAD/CAM license on the shop floor!

CAMWorks ShopFloor offers functionality never before available on the shop floor including:

  • The ability to view, section, and measure solid models of part and assemblies
  • Full MBD/PMI support with search and filter capabilities… to promote not just a paperless, but fully digital Smart Manufacturing
  • CAMWorks-ShopFloorThe ability to view, section and measure not only the part… but a 3D Digital Model of the Setup
  • The ability to send and view digital setup sheets and tool lists
  • The ability to view all and each of the Operations and Tools used in the CNC program
  • The ability to use Step-Through simulation to simulate every move within a CNC program
  • The ability to use full 3D toolpath simulation with material removal on the shop floor
  • The ability to review, edit, and back-plot the G-Code program and send it to the CNC machine
  • And all of the files are provided to the ShopFloor in a single digital format/container

The CAD/CAM technology that Manufacturing Engineers and CNC programmer have long had available is now also made available to those on the shop floor in an easy-to-use, inexpensive, powerful system that supports the latest MBD/PMI data.

CAMWorks ShopFloor further demonstrate our commitment to being a leader in Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 technology!

Learn more at our CAMWorks ShopFloor webinar

Learn More About CAMWorks ShopFloor

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