CAMWorks® 2018: Powering the New SOLIDWORKS® CAM and Extending the Smart Manufacturing Ecosystem

Moving the Shop Floor into the Digital Age
September 5, 2019

The new CAMWorks 2018 by HCL Technologies, selected to power the new SOLIDWORKS CAM, is now available to the public.

Gian Paolo Bassi, CEO of SOLIDWORKS, describes the new SOLIDWORKS CAM as “Easy-to-use, world class CAM technology.”

With the advent of the worldwide Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 initiates… stand-alone CAM systems first developed in the 80’s, are now being replaced by feature-based integrated CAD/CAM systems.

Using stand-alone CAM, files needed to be manually transferred, multiple versions of the CAD and CAM files needed to be maintained, and 2D mechanical drawings were required to manufacture the parts. In contrast, Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 utilize complete 3D digital models that include Model Based Design (MBD) and Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) to streamline the design through manufacturing process.

Staying competitive and capturing more market share in the global market is becoming increasingly challenging for nearly all companies. Another challenge many companies are facing is an aging skilled workforce. Using CAMWorks 2018 companies can capture their best practices, improve quality, and reduce delivery time through standardization and automation.

CAMWorks 2018 combines production-proven feature based CAM technology, automatic feature recognition, and rules based machining along with state-of-the-art MBD and PMI technology to automate the CNC manufacturing process. CAMWorks runs directly inside SOLIDWORKS allowing the design and manufacturing model to become one in the same and all of the data created using SOLIDWORKS CAM is fully compatible with CAMWorks 2018.

To further assist companies in their efforts to compete globally and capture more market share, HCL Technologies has also released a new version of CAMWorks Virtual Machine, the only fully integrated true G-code machine simulation package available for SOLIDWORKS. This latest verification technology allows manufactures to reduce setup time, improve quality, and avoid costly machine collisions.

In addition, manufactures can significantly increase machine utilization and production using CAMWorks VoluMill for high speed machining. A new version of this ultra-high speed machining software has also been made available to significantly reduce cycle time, increase production by as much as 500%, and reduce tool costs by 80% or more.

CAMWorks 2018 extends the SOLIDWOKS Manufacturing ecosystem by offering full support for 3 through 5 axis CNC milling centers, 2 and 4 axis turning centers, up to 11 axis multi-tasking mill/turn machines, and wire 2 and 4 axis wire EDM machines. CAMWorks® with Machining Intelligence, the most advanced CAM software available, is helping companies all over the world get products to market faster and become market leaders.

CAMWorks 2018’s New Features Include:

Tolerance Based machining

  • New and improved User Interface
  • Automatically reads SOLIDWORKS® MBD/DimXpert dimensions and selects the correct machining strategy based on tolerance range
  • ISO 286 support for fits and limits
  • Functionality can automate CNC programming and help eliminate the need for 2-D drawings by leveraging MBD and PMI data for Smart Manufacturing


Powerful User Experience Improvements






Powerful User Experience Improvements

  • All new operation parameter images
  • Improved workflow for new operations
  • New and improved Toolpath Simulation UI, in SOLIDWORKS® property manager
  • New option to mirror toolpaths from setup
  • Simplified fully associative, rebuild process
  • New operation parameter images, improved workflow for new operations, improved Toolpath Simulation in the SOLIDWORKS® property manager, and a simplified fully associative/rebuild process

Enhanced Milling Capabilities

  • All new 3 axis toolpath engine with a host of new capabilities and options
  • New feature sorting functionality and improved UI for Part Perimeter features
  • Improved Z-depth feature recognition
  • Subroutine support in the machine setup
  • Improves program efficiency, increase production, reduces programming time and standardize

Enhanced Milling Capabilities

2- and 4-Axis Turning Improvements

2- and 4-Axis Turning Improvements

  • New Main and Sub-spindle Coordinate Systems directly from the Machine setup
  • Preview of turning operation parameters
  • New Curve feature for turning tools
  • Improved insert program point, gouge checking capabilities
  • Increased flexibility, improved tool-path control, a reduced number of parameter changes, and the ability to fully leverage canned cycles

Multi-tasking Mill/Turn Enhancements

  • New user defined, custom turn inserts using
  • SOLIDWORKS® parts and assemblies
  • User defined tool holders and tool assemblies using SOLIDWORKS® parts and assemblies
  • Allows the use of custom user definable tooling to increase program efficiency, reduce cycle times, and improve part quality

Multi-tasking Mill Turn Enhancements

4-and 5 Multi-Axis Milling Features

4 and 5 Multi-Axis Milling Features

  • Ability to define curve projection direction
  • Additional new entry/retract options
  • New contact point options for ball mills
  • New extend and trim toolpath options
  • Precisely control multi-axis tool-paths to avoid any machining issues and also improve productivity


Knowledge Based Machining

  • New SQLite default database engine included
  • Improved TechDB™ User Interface
  • Additional functionality for tapped holes and 3D milling
  • Improved User Interface and functionality for tapped holes
  • Capture your best practices and automatically reuse them. Automate and standardize CNC programming and machining

Knowledge Based Machining







Integrated NC Editor Powered by CIMCO EDIT

Integrated NC Editor Powered by CIMCO EDIT

  • Powerful new editing capabilities
  • Renumber programs, globally and selectively adjust speeds & feeds, and more
  • Allows send & receive G-code programs to and from your CNC machine
  • Check and optimize your programs, reduce setup times, and avoid expensive machine collisions


Advanced High Speed Machining

  • Maximum federate options
  • Tapered and filleted pocket support
  • Improved rest material machining
  • New clearance plane options
  • Reduces cycle time by up 80%
  • Increase tool life by 500% & leverage the full flute length of your tools

Advanced High Speed Machining

CAMWorks Virtual Machine

CAMWorks Virtual Machine Improved

  • Integrated true G-code simulation with an all new graphical user interface
  • Improved program window design
  • New all-in-one tool database UI.
  • With the ability to verify your programs you can reduce setup time, avoid collisions and reduce machine down-time



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