Introducing CAMWorks 2018

Find out why CAMWorks® was Chosen to Power SOLIDWORKS® CAM

Program Smarter with TBM

Automate CNC programming and eliminate 2D drawings by leveraging MBD and PMI data to perform Smart Manufacturing

  • New and improved User Interface
  • Automatically reads SOLIDWORKS® MBD/DimXpert dimensions and selects the correct machining strategy based on tolerance range
  • ISO 286 support for fits and limits

Powerful User Experience Improvements

Streamline the CNC programming of SOLIDWORKS® parts and assemblies, reduce delivery time, and reduce errors

  • All new operation parameter images, improved workflow for new operations
  • New and improved tool-path simulation UI, in SOLIDWORKS property manager
  • New option to mirror tool-paths from setup

Enhanced New Milling Capabilities

Improve program efficiency , increase production, reduce programming time and improve quality through standardization

  • All new 3 axis toolpath engine with a host of new capabilities and options
  • New feature sorting functionality and UI, Improved UI for Part Perimeter features
  • Improved Z-depth feature recognition, Subroutine support in the machine setup

2 & 4 Axis Turning Improvements

Increased flexibility, improved toolpath control, reduce parameter changes, leverage canned cycles

  • New Main and Sub-spindle Coordinate Systems directly from the Machine setup
  • Preview of turning operation parameters, New Curve feature for turning tools
  • Improved insert program point, gouge checking capabilities

Multi-tasking Mill/Turn Enhancements

Use specialized tooling to increase program efficiency, reduce cycle times, and improve part quality

  • New user defined, custom turn inserts using SOLIDWORKS® parts and assemblies
  • User defined tool holders and tool assemblies using SOLIDWORKS® parts and assemblies

New 4 & 5 Multi-Axis Milling Features

Precisely control multi-axis toolpaths to avoid issues and improve productivity

  • Ability to define Curve Projection direction, Additional new Entry/Retract options
  • New Contact point options for ball-nose mills, New Extend and Trim toolpath options

Knowledge Based Machining

Capture your best practices and automatically reuse them. Automate, standardize

  • New SQLite database engine
  • Improved TechDB™ User Interface
  • Improved User Interface and functionality for tapped holes
  • Additional Parameters for 3D milling

Integrated NC Editor Powered by CIMCO

Check and optimize your programs, reduce setup time , and send the program to your CNC machine

  • Powerful new editing capabilities
  • Accurate G-code back-plotting by CIMCO
  • Renumber programs, globally and selectively adjust speeds & feeds, and more
  • Send and receive from your CNC machine

Advanced High Speed Machining

Reduce cycle time by up 80% , increase tool life by 500%, leverage the full flute length of your tools

  • New maximum feed rate options
  • Tapered and filleted pocket support
  • Improved rest material machining
  • New clearance plane options

CAMWorks Virtual Machine Improved

True G-code machine simulation. Verify your programs, avoid collisions, and reduce setup times.

  • Fully integrated true G-code simulation
  • All new Graphical User Interface
  • Improved Program Window design
  • New all-in-one Tool Database UI

Download CAMWorks 2018 Flyer

Find out why CAMWorks® was Chosen to Power SOLIDWORKS® CAM

What's New in CAMWorks 2018

CAMWorks for 2018 provides advanced new features to help you take full advantage of your CNC machines

See What's New in CAMWorks 2018

What's new in CAMWorks 2018!

  • Program Smarter with TBM
  • Powerful User Experience Improvements
  • Enhanced New Milling Capabilities
  • Multi-tasking Mill/Turn Enhancements
  • Enhanced 2 & 4 Axis Turning
  • Knowledge Based Machining with new Database
  • Advanced High Speed Machining
  • Integrated NC Editor Powered by CIMCO
  • Enhanced CAMWorks Virtual Machine

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