Solidworks cam and beyond

SOLIDWORKS CAM and Beyond Expanding : Your CAM Programming Capabilities

SOLIDWORKS CAM is a great way for SOLIDWORKS users to utilize CAM programming technologies for their manufacturing needs. SOLIDWORKS CAM is available to SOLIDWORKS customers at no additional cost, with SOLIDWORKS Version 2018 and later, on subscription. Powered by CAMWorks, the first SOLIDWORKS Gold Partner, SOLIDWORKS CAM offers a familiar interface that makes learning process very easy.


  • Fully integrated CAD/CAM
  • CAD Model & CAM Data are Parametrically Linked Together
  • Advanced Feature-Based CAM Technology
  • Toolpath simulation
  • Knowledge based machining


One of the largest benefits you will see when using SOLIDWORKS CAM is the time savings realized when using a system that is fully integrated with your CAD software. You no longer need to spend time maintaining separate CAD and CAM part files. Translation errors are eliminated and when changes are made to the CAD design, they are automatically reflected in the CAM programming. This saves a lot of programming time.

There are other technologies in SOLIDWORKS CAM that also save you time by accelerating the process of part programming and improve overall quality. These include:

  • Feature-Based Programming removes the need to program parts by entering operations, tools, feed/speed rates, etc one at a time. Instead, parts are programmed by identifying the features that make up the part – such as a pocket, boss or tapped hole – and the subsequent roughing operations, finishing operations, tools, feeds/speeds that are needed for the specific type of feature are automatically calculated.
  • Automatic Feature Recognition looks at the part model and automatically identifies the machinable features in the model. It often takes part programming times from hours to minutes.
  • Knowledge-Based Machining allows the most efficient machining details to be saved in your Technology Database (TechDB) and re-used with other part models. The TechDB is customizable and allows you to save your company’s preferences and best practices. It saves time and improves consistency in your part files because each programmer has access to the preferences defined by your company.

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Upgrade to CAMWorks for advanced functionalities

CAMWorks provides several levels of functionality that start where SOLIDWORKS CAM Professional leaves off. CAMWorks Standard includes everything included with SOLIDWORKS CAM Professional, plus Sub-Spindle and Rotary Milling.

CAMWorks Milling Standard then adds 3 Axis Milling Level 2 and CAMWorks Turning Standard adds Mill Turn. CAMWorks Milling Professional adds 3 Axis Milling Level 3 and CAMWorks Turning Professional adds Synchronous Machining for lathes and Virtual Machine Standard.

CAMWorks Premium is the highest level of functionality and includes functionality from all the products, including 5 Axis Simultaneous Milling. Add-on products available include VoluMill for 3 Axis, Virtual Machine Professional and Premium, PrimeTurning™ from Sandvik Coromant, Wire EDM, NestingWorks and CAMWorks ShopFloor.

Upgrade path:
FunctionSOLIDWORKS CAM Standard*SOLIDWORKS CAM Professional*CAMWorks StandardCAMWorks Milling StandardCAMWorks Turning StandardCAMWorks Milling ProfessionalCAMWorks Turning ProfessionalCAMWorks PremiumCAMWorks Bundle Add-Ons
2.5 Axis Milling Plus*XXXXXXXX
2.5 Axis VoluMillXXXXXXX
4/5 Axis IndexingXXXXXXX
3 Axis Milling - L1*XXXXXXX
Rotary MillingXXXXXX
3 Axis Milling - L2*XXX
3 Axis Milling - L3*XX
Synchronous Machining for LathesXXX
Virtual Machine StandardXXX
4 Axis Milling (Add-On to Milling Pro only)XX
5 Axis SimultaneousX


SOLIDWORKS CAM is a great way for SOLIDWORKS users to utilize CAM programming technologies for their manufacturing needs. SOLIDWORKS CAM is available to SOLIDWORKS customers at no additional cost, with SOLIDWORKS Version 2018 and later, on subscription. SOLIDWORKS selected CAMWorks to power its SOLIDWORKS CAM software

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  • How to access SOLIDWORKS CAM
  • What are the Benefits to Using SOLIDWORKS CAM?
  • Functionality in SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard
  • Why Upgrade to SOLIDWORKS CAM Professional?
  • Upgrade path to CAMWorks

5 Reasons to switch to integrated CAD/CAM

Integrated CAD/CAM helps to collaborate better between design and manufacturing departments and share knowledge so that designs can be done right the first time by considering the late-stage manufacturability issues upfront at the design stage. Addressing designs for manufacturability requirements is essential to meet program schedules, achieving high quality, reducing errors and rework, and controlling manufacturing costs. Let’s look at five major benefits integrated CAD/CAM systems can offer:

  • Eliminate CAD and data translation errors
  • Stay organized (avoid multiples disconnected file to maintain)
  • Simplified workflow
  • Automate the manufacturing processes
  • Integrated validation tools

SOLIDWORKS CAM and Beyond Webinar

Knowing where to find the right CAM programming functionality is essential for manufacturers to be successful and remain competitive. Watch the webinar recording to learn about the SOLIDWORKS CAM program and where to find additional CAM options for added functionality, such as 4-axis & 5-axis milling, mill/turn, wire EDM and more.

Watch the Modern Machine Shop hosted webinar recording:
  • See software tools in SOLIDWORKS CAM that automate CNC programming
  • Learn about adding functionality using the SAME data and post files from your SOLIDWORKS CAM part files
  • Watch a demonstration of the CAM technologies that reduce setup time and improve quality

If you are designing in SOLIDWORKS and want to start machining – get CAMWorks

See how Seamless Integration allows Catrike to work within the familiar SOLIDWORKS interface, making CAMWorks incredibly easy to learn and use.
“If you're designing in SOLIDWORKS and you want to start machining, get CAMWorks.”

- Lynn Bradbury, Mechanical Designer, Catrike.