Integrated CAD CAM

CAM software continues to become more automated, more tightly integrated with design software and easier to use. Every manufacturer today is looking to produce higher quality goods, which can command better prices and yield higher margins. An article published on Modern Machine Shop details a few of the technological trends pushing CAM market growth. These include an increase in multi-axis machining, multifunctional machining, continuous five-axis machining and high speed cutting.

All these factors indicate today’s manufacturers are moving towards more advanced and automated CAM systems. With the continuing demand for increased productivity, greater automation is being embedded into all aspects of CAM, providing software that is easier to use and more efficient.


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5 Factors Driving the Need for more Advanced & Automated CAM System

CAM software continues to become more automated, more tightly integrated with design software and easier to use.

Five factors driving the need for advanced and automation CAM software are:

  • Machine tools becoming more and more complex
  • Onshoring of manufacturing / Lack of skilled man power
  • Aesthetic Product Design
  • Higher Quality and Greater Margins
  • Speed / High Speed Machining

[MMS Webinar] Modernize Your Machine Shop with CAM Automation

Automation is critical to remain competitive in today's manufacturing industry. In this webinar, hear how one industry-leading company transitioned their production and expanded their business with CAM automation.


  • Software tools that automate toolpath programming
  • A demonstration of the CAM technologies that reduce setup time and improve quality
  • Methods to improve shop communication with fewer mistakes and less scrap
  • Software that extends machine and tool life while reducing cycle time
Date: Jan 20, 2022 | Time: 2:00 PM ET

Precision Machining Supplier for Space Missions Rejuvenates its Manufacturing Processes with CAMWorks Solutions

TECMA Transitions to Digital Machining to Maintain its Competitive Edge

Transition machining operations associated with the production of complex precision components and prototypes from manual to digital machining to increase productivity while controlling costs to remain competitive through more accurate estimating/quoting, improved quality, and lower levels of scrap/rework.

CAMWorks Helps Poclain Hydraulics in Saving 53% Programing Time

Poclain Hydraulics is manufacturing hydraulic valves – brake valves, open loop valves, transmission valves. They recommend CAMWorks to other companies because it is user-friendly, it is easy to learn, it makes a lot of cost reduction in programming and in the whole production process. Through the implementation of CAMWorks, company discovered a huge time savings in programming – up to 53%.

CAM Automation with Tolerance Based Machining (TBM)

In addition to CAMWorks automatically identifying manufacturing features and automatically creating toolpaths, CAMWorks also now has the enhanced capabilities to recognize dimensions, tolerances, and surface finish annotations associated with a model feature. With the introduction of Tolerance Based Machining by CAMWorks (CAMWorks TBM) it is now possible to leverage SolidWorks dimensions, tolerance ranges, and surface finish annotations to select the appropriate machining strategy, tools, speeds, feeds, etc. to meet the specified tolerance and surface finish requirements.

CAM Automation with Wire EDM Pro

CAMWorks Wire EDM Pro is the result of 30 years of Wire EDM experience at HCL. It includes functionality to automatically analyze the solid model, generate a machining plan for 2 Axis, 2 Axis Taper, and 4 Axis Features and post the G-Code with a single mouse click. This feature is called Solid to G-Code.

CAMWorks Wire EDM Pro includes automatic programming for complex 2-axis, 2-axis with taper and full 4-axis wire EDM machining. The entire programming process is fully automated including optional glue-stops for slug removal, the G-code program is post processed, and the complete ready-to-run program is displayed.