CAMWorks Success Stories – TECMA

CAM automation and library revitalize precision manufacturer

TECMA, a family-owned precision machining business, provides machining services for the aerospace and defense industries.They have provided parts for many historic U.S. space programs, from the 1st Apollo missions to the upcoming Artemis mission. To remain competitive and continue their growth, the company needed to transition from 2D to 3D programming capabilities.They found an excellent solution in CAMWorks, which enabled them to increase output, control costs, and position for the future.


Company: TECMA Inc

Headquarters: Sacramento, CA, USA

Industry: Complex, precision components and prototypes for
customers in the aerospace,defense,energy exploration, transportation,arts,and medical industries


Transition machining operations associated with the production of complex precision components and prototypes from manual to digital machining to increase productivity while controlling costs to remain competitive through more accurate estimating/quoting, improved quality, and lower levels of scrap/rework.


Implement CAMWorks and CAMWorks VoluMill high-speed machining software to take advantage of the solutions’ seamless integration with SOLIDWORKS 3D modeling software, feature-based recognition capabilities, machining simulation/estimating tools, and extensive knowledge database that captures and reuses best practices.

With CAMWorks, our throughput has increased substantially. Now, it takes less time to set up a machine and we have much fewer jobs that need to be reworked. If there is a change to the model, the G code updates automatically

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The Benefits

Rejuvenated and digitized manufacturing processes for precision machining company

Reduced machine setup time and increased throughput substantially

Improved quality, decreased scrap/rework

Obtained critical quality/cybersecurity certifications for aerospace and defense work

Initiated investment in training the future workforce

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