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November 22, 2021
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December 6, 2021

Do you have CNC Wire EDM machines? If so, you know programming these machines is often a challenging, time-consuming task that requires attention to every detail in the program. The slightest program error or miscalculation can result in an expensive part being scrapped. Fortunately, the new HCL CAMWorks WireEDM Pro add-in for SOLIDWORKS makes programming Wire EDM machines fast and easy.

CAMWorks Wire EDM Pro is the result of 30 years of Wire EDM experience at HCL. It includes functionality to automatically analyze the solid model, generate a machining plan for 2 Axis, 2 Axis Taper, and 4 Axis Features and post the G-Code with a single mouse click. This feature is called Solid to G-Code.

Solid to G-Code in ONE Click

With CAMWorks Wire EDM Pro you can go from solid model to G-Code in ONE click! So how does this new “one-click” technology work? Once the solid model is opened, the user clicks on the Solid to G-Code button and the system automatically…

  • Searches the part for machine-able features
  • Identifies the features
  • Generates the operations
  • Includes users’ preferences and settings
      • tool offsets
      • cutting conditions
      • start holes
  • Creates the toolpaths
  • Posts the G-code

CAMWorks Wire EDM Pro includes automatic programming for complex 2-axis, 2-axis with taper and full 4-axis wire EDM machining. The entire programming process is fully automated including optional glue-stops for slug removal, the G-code program is post processed, and the complete ready-to-run program is displayed. In addition, the ability to simulate the program is provided so the user can review the simulation, prior to running it on the machine. The entire programming process takes anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes, depending on the complexity of the part.

Automatic land and taper detection & programmingAutomatic Calculation of Glue Stop Size and LocationSupport of Sub-Programs and SOLIDWORKS Patterns
Automatic Land and Taper Detection & ProgrammingAutomatic Calculation of Glue Stop Size and LocationSupport of Sub-Programs and SOLIDWORKS Patterns
Detailed Machine Settings Based on Machine Selection
Detailed Machine Settings Based on Machine SelectionImproved Cutting Conditions for EDM Machining2 Axis Coreless Pocketing
Automatic Start Hole SelectionAutomatic Programming of Complex 4-Axis PartsVirtual Wire EDM Simulation

Automation and Precise Control

In addition to automation with CAMWorks WireEDM Pro, powerful controls for the operations and toolpaths are also provided. An easy-to-use Operations tree is created automatically. When an operation in the tree is selected, a short list of key parameter settings is displayed, making it easy to quickly change any of the desired settings. A complete list of the parameter settings separated onto easy-to-use tabs, can also be easily displayed using the Edit selection on the right-click menu for any operation in the tree. The combination of both the state-of-the-art automation and precise control over each operation makes the CAMWorks WireEDM Pro system both easy to use and surprisingly powerful. Even complex 2 and 4 axis EDM parts can often be programmed in seconds. The system is both easy to learn and use.

Accurate Post Processing

The post processors for CAMWorks WireEDM Pro are the result of a close collaboration with machine experts, making sure that the generated code is as machine ready as possible. In situations where user preference may require changes, post customization is also available to ensure that the code you take to the machine is the code you run.

We fully support Agie Vision and HMI2 posting. The support of GF machines is so complete that we are the first CAM system to receive an endorsement by the manufacturer

Fast and Easy Wire EDM Programming

SOLIDWORKS makes it easy to design even the most complex parts and assemblies, and the new CAMWorks WireEDM Pro makes it fast and easy to create fully associative wire EDM programs directly inside SOLIDWORKS. Programs can now be created right inside the familiar SOLIDWORKS environment and the wire EDM toolpaths will update automatically to design changes. If you own or program CNC Wire EDM machines, CAMWorks WireEDM Pro is a must-have asset for your team. No other wire EDM software offers the ease and speed for programming these precise machines.

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