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January 14, 2021
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July 14, 2021

Do you use standard stock sizes to manufacture CNC machined parts? Almost all CNC machine shops do, so to help automate the programming process a new feature has been added to SOLIDWORKS CAM & CAMWorks 2021. The new feature makes it easy to create a stock library on-the-fly, while creating CNC programs. Users can define the stock size they want to use… and save it back to the library for later use. A full library of standard stock sizes can also be defined using the patented Technology Database or TechDB. In addition, a feature to use cylindrical stock for milling has also been added.

Building a Standard Stock Library       

When defining stock using the Stock Manager in both SOLIDWORKS CAM & CAMWorks 2021, a new icon is now available to use the standard stock size library. Once selected, a new set of controls is available to save and retrieve standard stock sizes from the library. Coordinate system options are provided and standard stock sizes can be stored by material group or optionally, for all material types on-the-fly while programming. A simple pull-down menu is populated automatically to make it easy to retrieve stored stock sizes, along with a browse button to easily select the standard sizes for each material group. A set of location controls are also provided to easily position the stock around the part once it has been retrieved.

This new feature makes it easy to create a library of standard stock sizes and use them for programming parts of all kinds. In addition, a new “Standard Stock Sizes” selection has been added to the Home page of the TechDB to create and manage the standard stock size library from inside the TechDB.

Standard Stock Sizes

Using Cylindrical Stock for Milled Parts

Another time-saving feature added to SOLIDWORKS CAM & CAMWorks 2021 is the ability to more quickly define and use cylindrical stock for milling. In previous versions cylindrical stock for turned parts was defined automatically but for milled parts, a SOLIDWORKS sketch was required. However, in the new 2021 version an icon has been added to the Stock Manager to use cylindrical stock for milling. Once selected, pull-downs can be used to select the origin and orientation of the cylinder. Parameter values can be entered to easily define the diameter and length of the cylindrical piece of stock. A “Minimum Diameter and Length” button is also provided which instantly calculates a bounding cylinder around the part and offset controls are also available to add stock to the outside, bottom, and/or top of the part to assist in quickly determining the ideal stock size.


Fast and Easy Wire EDM Programming

The ability to easily create and use standard stock sizes from a library and use cylindrical stock for milled parts are real time-savers and are just a few of the many new features added to SOLIDWORKS CAM & CAMWorks 2021 to further reduce programming time, automate the CNC programming process, and improve User Experience or UX. Look for information and blogs regarding more of the enhancements coming soon!

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