Wire EDM Pro

Wire EDM Pro

Solid to G-Code in ONE Click

Take your Wire EDM programming to the next level with CAMWorks Wire EDM Pro – increasing efficiency and reducing delivery times.

With CAMWorks Wire EDM Pro you can go from solid model to G-Code in ONE Click! Once the solid model is opened, the user clicks on the Solid to G-Code button and the system automatically…

  • Searches the part for machine-able features
  • Identifies the features
  • Generates all the operations
  • Includes users’ preferences and settings
      • tool offsets
      • cutting conditions
      • start holes
  • Creates the toolpaths
  • Posts the G-code

CAMWorks Wire EDM Pro includes automatic programming for complex 2-axis, 2-axis with taper and full 4-axis wire EDM machining.

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