Wire EDM Pro

Wire EDM Pro

Solid to G-Code in ONE Click

Take your Wire EDM programming to the next level with CAMWorks Wire EDM Pro – increasing efficiency and reducing delivery times.

With CAMWorks Wire EDM Pro you can go from solid model to G-Code in ONE Click! Once the solid model is opened, the user clicks on the Solid to G-Code button and the system automatically…

  • Searches the part for machine-able features
  • Identifies the features
  • Generates all the operations
  • Includes users’ preferences and settings
      • tool offsets
      • cutting conditions
      • start holes
  • Creates the toolpaths
  • Posts the G-code

CAMWorks Wire EDM Pro includes automatic programming for complex 2-axis, 2-axis with taper and full 4-axis wire EDM machining.

In my role as CAD/CAM Manager at GF Machining Solutions, I am responsible to support CAM brands for developing post processors for our machine types. CAMWorks Wire EDM Pro has post processors that are working perfectly for all of our existing wire cutting EDM machines (Agie Vision, HMI for the machine series CUT P, CUT E, CUT C and UNIQUA for the machine series CUT P Pro).

Simon Heinz | EDM CAD/CAM Manager | GF Machining Solutions

Automatic Land and Taper Detection & Programming

Automatic Land and Taper Detection & Programming

Feature recognition detects land & taper on 3D models or computes land & taper on 2 axis features and automatically generates toolpaths for machining.
Improved Cutting Conditions for EDM

Improved Cutting Conditions for EDM Machining

OEM cutting conditions and offsets are auto-selected, user-adjustable if required, and are output directly to the G-code program.
Automatic Calculation of Glue

Automatic Calculation of Glue Stop Size and Location

Automatic size and placement based on user inputs and slug size. Users can also interactively adjust and configure to create custom glue stops, as required.
Support of Sub-Programs and

Support of Sub-Programs and SOLIDWORKS Patterns

Automatically identifies SOLIDWORKS patterns, applies machining strategies, and leverages sub-programs to eciently machine the patterned features.
Automatic Programming of

Automatic Programming of Complex 4-Axis Parts

Feature recognition and automatic programming of even the most complex 4-axis parts at the push of a button, with user-defined machining strategies!
True G-code Virtual

Virtual Wire EDM Simulation

Integrated true G-code virtual simulation with user configurable wire guides, and animation -time & quality settings. Deep zoom allows closer look at small features in high resolution, for precise control.
Detailed Machine Settings Based

Detailed Machine Settings Based on Machine Selection

Applies the correct power settings, cutting conditions, and machine parameters automatically based on the machine selected by the user.
2 Axis Coreless Pocketing

2 Axis Coreless Pocketing

2 Axis no-core roughing can remove material in virtually any shape to eliminate slugs, large remnants, and glue stops when machining pockets.
Automatic Start Hole Selection

Automatic Start Hole Selection

Automatically recognizes start holes for individual or multiple profiles and auto-generates lead-ins based on start hole locations at the push of a button.