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Announcing CAMWorks 2020 – CAD-CAM Tools for Smart Manufacturing
June 5, 2020
SOLIDWORKS® CAM for Designers – A Path to Better Designs
June 5, 2020

Can you currently nest and machine solid models all within one system? If you can’t, you sure can now!

Trouble with last-minute CAD revisions? 

With CAMWorks, the CAM operations will not only automatically update when SOLIDWORKS model revisions take place, but machinable features will also be identified automatically.

Difficulty nesting solid models?

Discover how to efficiently nest and machine native SOLIDWORKS models.

Issues with tab machining? 

Experience increased productivity with interactive tab machining in CAMWorks.

Struggling with multiple operations when roughing and finishing a part?

CAMWorks supports a single operation for profile roughing and finishing.

Having trouble creating toolpaths specific to your application?

With CAMWorks you can create your best machining practices.

Additional enhancements include:
– True shape nesting to maximize material usage
– Automatic part labeling for nested parts and assemblies
– Post-processor support for complex CNC routers

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