SOLIDWORKS® CAM and CAMWorks – Getting Started with the TechDB

SOLIDWORKS® CAM for Designers – A Path to Better Designs
June 5, 2020
SOLIDWORKS® CAM and CAMWorks – Leveraging MBD for Smart Manufacturing
June 5, 2020

Webinar is a training session on how to use the Technology Database or TechDB included in SOLIDWORKS CAM and CAMWorks.

Topics in this session will include:

-How to create a Machine and a standard set of tools (or Tool Crib) for a machine

-Machining strategies and operations

-How to save machining strategies back to the TechDB for later use

-Default strategies and how to assign them to a machine, and more!

Learn how the TechDB can capture your best practices and help you to automate the CNC programming process.


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