CAMWorks Utilities

CAMWorks Utilities is a set of programs that can help you save time, improve quality, increase productivity and lower costs.

eDrawings® Viewer

eDrawings® Viewer is the standard in 3D collaboration that facilitates the sharing of 2D and 3D product design data. It provides innovative capabilities that eliminate common communication barriers and speed the design review process. Unlike CAD files, eDrawings files are compact and easy to email. eDrawings gives you and your extended team the tools necessary to visualize, interpret and collaborate with 2D and 3D product design data.

eDrawings facilitates the markup of 3D models without additional viewers, installations or time-consuming file transfers. The recipient just clicks on the file, and then can zoom, pan, rotate, animate and redline the design. With eDrawings, you can streamline your entire approval process, internally and externally. In addition to improved communication between the design team, eDrawings can provide clarification of requested design changes from manufacturing for more efficient and cost-effective machining. Information to suppliers who are involved in the manufacturing process can be more easily communicated with eDrawings. It can also supplement the information sent to the shopfloor.

  • Share product designs more easily and quicken product design reviews
  • View, mark up, measure and review-enable eDrawings files
  • Enable collaboration between design team, manufacturers and suppliers
  • Receive feedback on product design data from an unlimited number of recipients
  • Manage, track and merge comments from multiple reviewers
  • Password protection



CWDifferenceFinder compares solid parts or surface models and identifies face and volume differences between two versions or two configurations of the same part. Using CWDifferenceFinder, you can improve quality with an accurate comparison of geometry and save time by avoiding a manual comparison of geometry.

  • Identifies different or unique faces and edges
  • Identifies overlapping faces
  • Assemblies can be compared
  • User defined tolerances can be set
  • Imported solids can also be compared

CWDifferenceFinder can increase productivity in the design and manufacturing stages of product life cycles. Changes in the design can typically result in changes in the manufacturing setup, tool selection or sequence of operations. CWDifferenceFinder can save considerable time and labor by identifying where the changes occur.


CWFeatureFinder applies intelligence to static geometric data and makes it ready to use in CAMWorks. CWFeatureFinder recognizes features on a solid body that has been imported into SolidWorks from files produced by standard translators such as STEP®, IGES®, SAT (ACIS®), VDAFS® (VDA) and Parasolid®.Recognized features are the same as features that you create using CAMWorks Solids or SolidWorks and are fully editable and associative. Once feature recognition is complete, you can easily fine-tune the design and then machine the part in CAMWorks.

CWFeatureFinder recognizes all these features:
  • Extrusion features such as bosses and cuts of the following sketch entities: lines, circles, and circular arcs
  • Revolved features that are conical or cylindrical
  • Any standard hole types, such as simple, tapered, and counterbored
  • Sheet metal features including edge flange, sketch and bend, and base features
  • Random sketch patterns of features on a plane
  • Shell features such as uniform wall and shell inward only
  • Ribs and draft features
  • Constant and variable-radius fillets

CWFeatureFinder provides both automatic and interactive feature recognition capabilities. Automatic Feature Recognition requires no user intervention. In many cases, features not recognized automatically can be recognized through the interactive method. The interactive method lets you control or specify the design intent easily by selecting a face or the edges of a cut or boss. The model checker indicates any changes to underlying imported geometry before and after feature recognition. You can perform automatic recognition before or after interactive recognition.


imported geometry allows CAM data generated on imported solid models to be updated to new revisions of the solid model. Simply select the reference model with CAM data and the modified model, then click Update. The reference model is replaced by the modified model and CAMWorks performs a rebuild.