Streamlining CAM Programming – Beyond the Toolpath


Streamlining CAM Programming – Beyond the Toolpath

In our second webinar of the CAMWorks Beyond the Toolpath series, we will discuss the technology tools available in CAMWorks to significantly streamline CAM programming and automate the CNC programming process.

Join this webinar – Streamlining CAM Programing – to learn how to:

  • Accelerate programming and promote standardization using the patented Technology Database – TechDB™
  • Utilize API’s to reduce repetitive tasks, save time, and automate CNC programming
  • Employ Tolerance Based Machining - TBM to read MBD/PMI data and automatically select the correct machining strategies to meet the tolerance and surface finish requirements specified in the digital model
  • Use SOLIDWORKS properties to interface with PDM systems and track changes to CNC programs


Date: Feb 22, 2022
Time: 10 AM EST | 10 AM CET | 9 AM IST


Marc Bissell,
Sr. Technical Analyst
HCL Americas Inc.