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With CAMWorks, Tampa Bay Steel is always ‘Ready for Business’

As one of Florida's major steel distribution and metal processing companies, Tampa Bay Steel offers services to hundreds of customers in the North American region. The company works with a variety of metals, and stocks a vast inventory of materials. In addition, Tampa Bay offers extensive processing capabilities so that customers can get exactly what they need for their business. Customer centricity is a core value at Tampa Bay Steel, reflected in the corporate motto – ‘Metals Ready for Business.’


Company: Tampa Bay Steel Corporation

Headquarters: Tampa, Florida, USA

Industry:Mining and Metals


To implement a system that would assist in programming machining features and at the same time provide a 3D visual effect of the process to the end customer..


CAMWorks’ extensive feature set and built in intelligence helped create features exactly as per the designed specifications.

We also evaluated 1 CNC which was also 3D capable, but felt that CAMWorks was a much more impressive overall package - it was also more user friendly. Using CAMWorks has made us a lot more ecient - with the software you don't have to question whether the part is going to come off right. Earlier, we would do an extra 3-4% CNC run. But, with CAMWorks you don't need extra parts other than one sample (for reference). It has certainly helped us reduce material cost overhead."

Dave Carpenter, Engineering Manager | Tampa Bay Steel Corporation

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