CAMWorks Success Stories – SEALEGS

Sealegs: On a smooth sail with CAMWorks

The world’s largest manufacturer of amphibious boats, New Zealand-based Sealegs International manufactures recreational and rescue crafts that can be driven in and out of water. Using the company’s proprietary technology, motorized, retractable and steerable wheels are fitted to specially designed power boats, which when approaching land, can be lowered whilst still moving in water, enabling the boat to be driven onto a beach or dock.


Company: Sealegs International Ltd.

Headquarters: Auckland, New Zealand

Industry: Marine machinery and equipment


To implement a system that will provide the best machining features and is seamlessly integrated with the existing CAD system.


To use CAMWorks because of its integration with SolidWorks and customization capabilities

Working with CAMWorks makes it easy for us since all the CAM data is saved along with the part (design that is being machined). With CAMWorks, a programmer can be certain that he is accessing the latest version of the model together with the latest CAM data every time he checks a le out of PDM vault. This feature is quite brilliant!

Vladan Zubcic, Manufacturing Manager

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The Benefits

Smoother production process
Reduction in design/fabrication errors
Shortened cycle times
Reduction in manufacturing costs

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