CAMWorks Success Stories – Roush Industries

CAMWorks Plus Advanced Machines Put Roush Industries in the Winner's Circle

Roush Industries provides engineering, testing, prototype development, and manufacturing services. Closely associated in the public mind with motorsports, it also serves an array of other automotive clients, as well as aviation, electronics, medical equipment and consumer products companies. As a result, Roush’s machining operation is called on to process a diverse range of parts with widely varying lot sizes, lead times and levels of complexity.


Company: Roush Industries

Headquarters: Livonia, Michigan, United States

Industry: Manufacturing

We cons i der our s el ves a ver y technologically advanced operation, but the combination of the new machine tools coupled with CAMWorks has enabled us to take things to a whole new level in terms of speed, productivity and machining complexity.This has been groundbreaking for us.

Rob Mank, Job Planning, Supervisor for Roush Industries

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The Benefits

Reduced guitar body and neck blank cutting labor time by

simplifies the complex programming tasks for the porting operation.

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