CAMWorks Success Stories – dot Decimal

Saving Lives with 24-Hours Turnarounds

The company, which takes its name from the acronym for Digitally Enhanced Compensation/Intensity Modulation with Alloys, has provided radiation therapy products to hospitals and cancer centers across the United States to aid in the treatment of cancer for over two decades. .decimal’s products are used with all types of radiation therapy treatments.


Company: .decimal, LLC

Headquarters: Sanford, Florida, USA

Industry:Medical Devices


Automate the design and machining of patient-specific radiation therapy devices to save time, maximize resource utilization, improve accuracy, and more consistently achieve the firm's 24-hour-turnaround guarantee.


Implement CAMWorks machining software and leverage the open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) of both CAMWorks machining and SOLIDWORKS design software to automate the design and machining of radiation therapy devices based on patient-specific data.

Now, with the automation that we’ve been able to achieve, we’re processing 75 custom, one-off products in brass, aluminum, wax or plastic on an average day, without any human intervention

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