CAMWorks Success Stories – Decimal Engineering

Boosting throughput and quality while saving time and money

Decimal Engineering, Inc. has provided precision manufacturing services for more than 40 years. Like all manufacturing service providers, the Florida-based company faces competitive pressures to shorten production lead times, minimize scrap/rework costs, and maximize machine up-times. Formerly, the company had spent a lot of time iterating back and forth between engineering and manufacturing to rework parts before cutting them, often wasting time and scrapping material if something was missed.


Company: Decimal Engineering, Inc.

Headquarters: Pompano Beach, FL, USA

Industry: Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication, CNC Machining, Stamping, and Wire EDM Services for the Aerospace, Defense, Medical, Security, Telecommunications, Electronics, Computer, Automotive, and Marine Industries


Automate engineering data transition, leverage remote programming, and support access to model data on the shop floor to improve productivity, increase accuracy, and minimize down-time, eliminating misunderstandings, delays, and unnecessary costs in the process.


Implement CAMWorks, CAMWorks ShopFloor, and CAMWorks VoluMill high-speed machining software to take advantage of the solutions’ seamless integration with SOLIDWORKS 3D modeling software, feature-based recognition capabilities, remote programming capabilities, shop floor access to model data, and extensive knowledge database.

“We needed an integrated solution to automate the process of transitioning from engineering to production,” Garey recalls. “We often need to iterate a job and make changes to meet manufacturing requirements. However, because our previous solution was not integrated, those changes frequently didn’t make it back to engineering. This sometimes led to duplicate work and time wasted “With CAMWorks and its integration with SOLIDWORKS CAD software, we acquired the integrated system that we need to handle design changes to support manufacturability while capturing those changes in the SOLIDWORKS single modeling environment,” Garey explains. “We’ve also eliminated our reliance on paper drawings, which we’ve replaced with on-screen 3D PDFs.”

Alan Garey, President of Decimal Engineering, Inc.

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The Benefits

Reduced machine set-up time by

Increased machine up-time by

Cut scrap/rework costs by
Realized annual savings by going paperless more than

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