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A high-end manufacturer of critical engine and structural components for aerospace companies, oil field operators, and high-speed packaging machines, Kolhapur-based Datta Enterprises builds customized parts for its clients. As bespoke manufacturing typically consists of small batch cycles with many variants, building such parts requires high precision. This naturally calls for a Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) platform that can machine complex parts on a sustained basis with minimal errors.


Company: Datta Enterprises

Headquarters: Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India

Industry: Precision Components


To implement a CAM platform that could machine complex parts on a sustained basis with minimal errors.


An in-built design automation module was devised that integrated into SolidWorks to automate the design process. Once the design is initiated, the design data is sent automatically to CAMWorks for toolpath auto-generation

We believe that we will be able to service our customers better through greater manufacturing accuracy aorded by the platform. We also expect to improve our business flexibility and take up more complex jobs. CAMWorks brings in greater predictability into a job, which is very important.”

Shailendra Bhosle, Partner, Datta Enterprises

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The Benefits

Consistency in the design quality

70% saving on the lengthy design time-cycle

Elimination of repeated CAM processes
Easy to learn and use

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