CAMWorks Success Stories – Born custom guitars

Building custom guitars from sustainable materials cost-effectively

Jonathan “Jay” Miller founded Born Custom Guitars, a Colorado-based electric guitar company, with the goal of designing and building custom, unique guitars that fit the tastes and preferences of each individual player. Miller’s passion for music and for building beautiful, eminently playable stringed instruments prompted him to leave a career in the financial services industry and establish Born Custom Guitars in 2010.


Company: Born Custom Guitars, LLC

Headquarters: Longmont, CO, USA

Industry: Musical instruments from sustainable materials with an emphasis on electric guitars


Launch a custom electric guitar manufacturing and luthier business by automating the production of guitar bodies and necks to improve productivity, increase accuracy, and eliminate unnecessary costs and delays, while building the company into an industry leader in sustainable manufacturing through the creation of heirloom-quality electric guitars.


Implement CAMWorks Milling Professional software to take advantage of the solution’s seamless integration with SOLIDWORKS 3D modeling software, feature-based recognition capabilities, and extensive knowledge database.

I really liked the idea of how SOLIDWORKS design software and CAMWorks machining software are integrated and work in unison,” Miller explains. “CAMWorks Milling Professional software was easy to learn and is the best solution for running my machine—3-axis milling on a 4 x 8-foot CNC router table—to make sexy, flowing curves and modify the geometry on every guitar. I also value the knowledge-based machining database, which learns and replicates common tooling operations. I’ve found SOLIDWORKS and CAMWorks to be really fantastic and flexible solutions for what we do.

Jonathan Miller, Owner and luthier of Born Custom Guitars

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The Benefits

Reduced guitar body and neck blank cutting labor time by

Reduce overall time by

Supported higher attention to instrument details and craftsmanship due to automation
Saved time and money – several hours in labor cost per guitar – through automation efficiencies and rapid prototype capabilities

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