CAMWorks Online

CAMWorks Online Delivery & Learning

Geometric offers CAMWorks as a 100% online delivery and learning experience. We have streamlined the application experience by making the entire installation and activation of CAMWorks a completely web based activity.

With the future in mind, Geometric ensures that schools and students can take full benefit of today’s online standards by always having access to the latest developments in the CAMWorks software.

CAMWorks Online Advanced Technology Features

[one_half]Interpret and Capture Machining Best Practices

With the client-server model, CAMWorks intelligent machining knowledge base, Tech DB™, can be maintained online for users to access the latest established best practices in the organization.[/one_half]

[one_half_last]Feature Based Machining – Future of Machining

CAMWorks’ patented feature recognition technology interprets parts designed by designers and applies the machining knowledge base that adjusts intelligently to changes in designs.[/one_half_last]

CAMWorks Online Training

Our CAMWorks Training is designed to help you rapidly increase your knowledge. Our eLearning platform allows you to start learning the basics, or if you are an advanced user you can jump right into the specific areas of learning that you require. Our intention is to give you the tools you need to develop your design skills so that they will have an immediate impact in your life and working environment.

Ease of Use

Training takes effort but it shouldn’t be hard to use. We designed CAMWorks to integrate directly into CAD Systems (such as SOLIDWORKS and Solid Edge), providing you with a familiar and intuitive interface to shorten the learning curve.