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CAMWorks Choose Your Savings PROMO!

Increase your productivity with integrated CAD/CAM and the advanced CNC programming!

Save up to 25% OFF of a CAMWorks Bundle License, ~OR~ Save 50% OFF a 2nd Bundle License!

Choose Your Savings Promotion

Increase your productivity with integrated CAD/CAM and the advanced CNC programming! CAMWorks provides fully integrated CAD/CAM which saves you time by eliminating data translation errors and removing the need to maintain separate CAD and CAM files. CAMWorks also accelerates your CNC programming with automatic feature recognition and knowledge-based machining.

Now is a great time to boost the power of your CAD/CAM software and save money!

Select from these special pricing options:


Save up to 25% OFF a CAMWorks Bundle License with purchase of one or more of the below promotional items at full price.(License purchase price of promotional items may be discounted up to 25% OFF of a CAMWorks Bundle License price)

  • CAMWorks Wire EDM Professional
  • CAMWorks ShopFloor Node Locked or Floating License
  • 3 Axis VoluMill
  • NestingWorks


Save 50% OFF a 2nd CAMWorks Bundle License with purchase of a CAMWorks Bundle License of equal or greater value at regular price.

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Important Notes:

  • Offer expires May 27, 2022
  • Requires purchase of full price USP for the Bundle License(s) including all promotional items.
  • Only the license price of the promotional items may be applied towards a discount on a single Bundle License, USP purchase may not be applied.
  • Limit 1 of each promotional item to be applied towards a discounted Bundle License(i.e. 1 NestingWorks and 1 VoluMill 3 Axis, but NOT 2 NESTINGWORKS)
  • Limit 1 discounted promotional perpetual Bundle License per customer.
  • Promotion not valid in combination with any other special discounts, additional license discounts or promotions.

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Discover the power of CAMWorks

CAMWorks is an intuitive, feature-based CAM software that helps to increase productivity using best-in-class technologies and adaptable automation tools to maximize CNC machining efficiency

Discover how CAMWorks CNC software efficiently programs your CAD Design

  • First and best integrated CAM software in SOLIDWORKS SOLIDWORKS Gold-level solution partner in CAM since 1998.
  • Tolerance Based Machining - Uses tolerances and features in 3D models to automatically create CNC programs
  • Knowledge Based Machining - allows you to capture and reuse your programmers’ best practices, reducing programming time by as much as 80%
  • CAMWorks Virtual Machine performs true G-code machine simulation directly from the G-code used for the CNC machine, eliminating dry runs and set up time
  • CAMWorks VoluMill™, the ultra high-performance tool-path engine allows you to reduce your cycle time by 80% for complex 3D- shapes and prismatic parts