Introducing CAMWorks 2020

CAMWorks 2020 is the most advanced CAM software available, combining production-proven feature based CAM technology, automatic feature recognition, and rules based machining along with tolerance based machining to leverage MBD and PMI technology to automate Smart Manufacturing for CNC programming – paving the way to advanced digital manufacturing.

NEW! Automatic Chamfering/Deburring

  • Automatic feature recognition of sharp corners and part edges for auto-curve feature creation
  • Automatically generate operations to chamfer/deburr the sharp edges on the part
  • Create the toolpaths for chamfering and deburring at the push of a button!

Probing Tools and Operations

  • Define probing tools with new parameters for probe shank and stylus
  • Automatic selection of standard probing cycle based on face/feature selection
  • Dynamic display of probing toolpath to avoid collisions and broken probes
  • Probe stock and set work offsets automatically!
  • Support for standard probing cycles!

Automatic Tab Machining

  • Define tabs using a powerful new set of tools
  • Input the desired number of tabs, width, and thickness for automatic tab machining
  • Tabs are equally spaced or can be precisely located using distance and/or offsets
  • Multiple options for lead-in/out and ability to specify minimum segment and arc radius

Tapered Multi-Point Thread Milling

  • Create tapered multi-point thread mills using new parameters including taper angle and length
  • New toolpath creation support for tapered thread mills
  • Multiple options for lead-in/out and ability to specify minimum segment and arc radius

What's New in CAMWorks 2020

CAMWorks for 2020 provides advanced new features to help you take full advantage of your CNC machines

See What's New in CAMWorks 2020

What's new in CAMWorks 2020!

  • New CAMWorks ShopFloor
  • Automatic Chamfering/Deburring
  • Probing Tools and Operations
  • Automatic Tab Machining
  • Tapered Multi-Point Thread Milling
  • Improved Advanced Edit Toolpath
  • Output Sub-Routines in G-Code
  • Automatic Contain Area Display
  • Center Cutting Tool Recognition
  • Multi-Axis Clearance Area Display
  • CAMWorks Additive Manufacturing 3D Printing of Assemblies

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What's new in CAMWorks 2020?

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