Free SOLIDWORKS CAM Training & Webinar Series

Sharpen your CAM skills and learn the advanced technologies in SOLIDWORKS CAM and CAMWorks to boost your manufacturing operations, such as integrated CAD/CAM, automatic feature recognition, and knowledge-based machining.

Technologies to Reduce Machining Cycle Time and Increase Tool Life (Tuesday, August 22, 2023)

Utilizing the latest machining processes is important for shops to remain competitive and profitable. Join this webinar to see revolutionary technologies and toolpath generation that reduce machining cycle time and increase tool life.

  • Gain an understanding of the benefits in implementing the latest machining technologies
  • Learn about VoluMill™ for high-speed machining and PrimeTurning™ for lathe work
  • See a presentation showing the machining results achieved with these modern machining approaches

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SOLIDWORKS CAM for Designers – A Path to Better Designs (Thursday, August 24, 2023)

When designing machined parts, it is important to adopt a Design for Manufacturing approach. Join this webinar to learn how to use SOLIDWORKS CAM to improve designs, reduce cost, and make parts easier to manufacture.

  • Learn best design practices with SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard, which is included with every seat of SOLIDWORKS 2018 and later, current on subscription
  • See how to minimize machining setups and improve designs for manufacturing

Watch a presentation on CAM that is fully integrated with SOLIDWORKS

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