SOLIDWORKS CAM Pro and NESTINGWorks for Fabrication and Woodworking

NESTINGWorks saves money by optimizing material usage and reducing waste – whether it is sheet metal for fabrication, woodworking, or soft goods.It automatically flattens parts and includes several advanced options to save you time in CNC programming. NESTINGWorks is a SOLIDWORKS add-in that works in combination with SOLIDWORKS CAM Pro and CAMWorks.

Join this webinar to learn about NESTINGWorks functionality:

  • See how NESTINGWorks uses full associativity with SOLIDWORKS and automatically nests SOLIDWORKS parts, assemblies, and folders of parts
  • Learn how NESTINGWorks provides true shape nesting, part-in-part nesting, user-specified grain direction, and layouts for parts with varied thickness
  • Watch a demonstration to see how NESTINGWorks produces the maximum number of parts from a single piece of raw material in a matter of minutes

Increase your productivity by saving time and money with NESTINGWorks!

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