We are glad to announce release of HCL CAMWorks 2023 including great new features to help you win new business and gain more market share. This latest release of CAMWorks combines new technology with fully integrated CAD/CAM, feature-based programming, automatic feature recognition, and knowledge-based machining using the TechDB to reduce programming time, increase production, and automate the CNC programming process.

Join the webinar to see new features including:

  • New Wire EDM Premium for increasing efficiency and reducing delivery times
  • Euler Angles Method for 5 Axis Rotary (3+2) Milling
  • Additional Probing Cycles and Output Options for Probe Tool
  • Tool Selection Logic Based on Flute Length and Feature Depth
  • Machine Cavities with VoluMill
Join the webinar to see live demonstration including the new features and enhancements done in CAMWorks 2023.