CAM system that works best with your parts, your people, and your machines can be called as best CAM system for your company. Ideal CAM system may vary from one company or use case to another. If you are looking for a switch, see how CAMWorks can support you with all your present and future requirements.

What things you should look for while choosing a new CAM system

Have a written list of criteria specific to your needs.
  • Integration with CAD system
  • Virtually Check Programs on the Shop Floor
  • Broader capability OR Expansion capability to future requirements
  • Look out for post processor development/support and flexibility with post processor options
  • Customer support and training quality and availability
  • Support for continuing software product
  • Powerful & efficient system, easy to use

Request special offer and see CAMWorks live!

We understand your concerns and are committed fully to support you with:

    Why Choose CAMWorks as your CAM Software

  • Truly embedded and full integration with SOLIDWORKS which provides streamlining for design and manufacturing and true associativity between CAD files and CAM toolpaths and G-code.
  • CAMWorks is longest standing SOLIDWORKS Gold Partner, powers SOLIDWORKS CAM.
  • Feature-based programming instead of operations-based programming which makes CAMWorks quick and easy to learn, accelerates programming time and produces more accurate and consistent results.
  • Powerful feature recognition.
  • Tolerance Based Machining for further programming speed improvements

Assurance of Stability

  • Long-standing worldwide network of established resellers
  • HCL long-term investments in R&D, +$10Bn company
  • HCL dedicated focus on product business

The Most Advanced CAM Software

  • Cut Setup Time by50%
  • Reduce Cycle Time by80%
  • Increase Production by400%
  • Increase Tool Life by500%