CAMWorks Success Stories – dotDecimal

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Saving lives with 24-hour turnaround

Industry-leading .decimal® has been providing radiation therapy products to hospitals and cancer centers across the US for 25 years, specializing in patient-specific, unique devices for cancer sufferers. Due to the potential for rapid changes in tumors, these devices must be manufactured and shipped within 24 hours of the receipt of the scan for the highest possible accuracy.

The Challenge

Provide unique, one-off parts to aid in the treatment of cancer patients within 24 hours of receipt

The Solution

Seamless Integration allows the design model and manufacturing model to be one-and-the-same for fewer files and quality assurance Intelligent Knowledge-Base captures .decimal’s best practices, automates the CNC programming process, and adapts to the requirements of each finished part Application Programming Interfaces to automate design in SolidWorks and automatically generate toolpaths using CAMWorks.