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The CAMWorks Learning Center includes a variety of Getting Started and How To videos for CAMWorks products and functionality.
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CAMWorks Standard
  • How to Create a Machine in the TechDB
    Learn how to use SOLIDWORKS CAM’s Technology Database (TechDB) to add a machine to the list of machines available in the SOLIDWORKS CAM user interface. (5:15 min)
  • How to Create Stock using the Stock Manager
    Learn how to use the Stock Manager in SOLIDWORKS CAM and CAMWorks to create the stock for machining. (2:52 min)
  • HowTo_FixtureCoord
    How to Set the Fixture Coordinate System
    Learn how to create a fixture coordinate system in SOLIDWORKS CAM and CAMWorks, most commonly used with 4-axis and 5-axis machining and as an attachment point for machine simulation. (2:16 min)
  • CAMWorks Solids Installation
    See the installation process for CAMWorks Solids. Please Note: If you are using CAMWorks Solids, it must be installed first, before installing CAMWorks. (1:53 min)
  • CAMWorks Home License Installation
    See the installation process for CAMWorks. Please Note: SOLIDWORKS or CAMWorks Solids must first be installed before installing CAMWorks. (1:15 min)
  • CAMWorks Home License Activation
    Learn how to activate your CAMWorks Home License software, using the CAMWorks License Manager. (1:48 min)
  • What's New in CAMWorks 2020
    See the new and enhanced products and functionality released in CAMWorks Version 2020. (3:45 min)
  • Probing How to Use
    Learn how to program a part with CAMWorks probing operations. (3:50 min)
  • TechDB App Improvements
    TechDB App Improvements
    See improvements to the CAMWorks Version 2020 Technology Database (TechDB) User Interface. (1:50 min)
  • Tab-Cutting
    Tab Cutting
    See how to program with tab cutting on contour milling operations. (1:56 min)
  • Curve Chamfering Smart
    Curve Chamfering Smart
    See how to machine chamfers using automatic selection of edges for the curve feature. (2:21 min)
  • Toolpath Edit Custom Records
    Toolpath Edit Custom Records
    See the advanced edit toolpath options to make changes to toolpaths after they are generated. (2:10 min)
  • Axis Retract Display
    Axis Retract Display
    See how to preview the clearance plane or cylinder parameters after setting the clearance. (0:40 min)
  • Subroutines For Milling Operations
    See how to manage which operations will output subroutines for milling. (1:43 min)
  • Additive in Assemblies
    Additive in Assemblies
    See how to create an additive manufacturing job for a 3D printer, orient the assembly on the printer bed, and select settings for the support material. (0:55 min)
  • What's New in CAMWorks 2019
    See the new and enhanced products and functionality released in CAMWorks Version 2019. (0:59 min)
  • Enhanced Edit Toolpath
    Enhanced Edit Toolpath
    See enhancements to toolpath editing, including improved display options, improved selection and adding new records. (3:56 min)
  • Move Features
    Move Features
    Learn how to move features that have been defined by either Automatic Feature Recognition (AFR) or Interactive Feature Recognition (IFR). (1:35 min)
  • Swarf Machining
    Swarf Machining
    See the optimized swarf machining options for 5-axis milling parts. (2:08 min)
  • Tool Shoulder and Shank Parameter Improvements
    Tool Shoulder and Shank Parameter Improvements
    See how to define and simulate tools that have shoulder and shank geometry different than the cutting part of the tool. (0:58 min)
  • Edit end condition of AFR holes
    Edit end condition of AFR holes
    See how to edit the end condition of hole features that have been designed through Automatic Feature Recognition (AFR). (1:22 min)
  • Corner Slowdown
    Corner Slowdown
    Learn how to automatically adjust the feedrate of a toolpath as it approaches sharp corners. (0:54 min)
  • Chamfer for Curve Feature
    Learn how to cut chamfers using a curve feature. (0:59 min)
  • Assigning default strategies to the machine
    Assigning default strategies to the machine
    Learn how to define and assign separate sets of default strategies to specific machines in the Technology Database (TechDB). (1:13 min)
  • TBM in Turn and Mill
    TBM in Turn and Mill Turn
    See Tolerance-Based Machining (TBM) with turn and mill turn parts. (0:39 min)
  • Volumill - Supports zig-zag Type Toolpath
    Volumill - Supports zig-zag Type Toolpath
    Learn how to use a zig zag cut method using VoluMill. (1:06 min)
  • Volumill - Holder avoidance in 3 Axis
    Volumill - Holder avoidance in 3 Axis
    See the holder avoidance option in 3-axis area clearance operations using VoluMill. (1:02 min)
  • Multi Turret
    Multi Turret
    Learn how to use the Sync Manager to program machining with multiple turrets. (1:28 min)
  • Pinch Turning
    Pinch Turning
    Learn how to program parts using simultaneous turning (pinch turning). (1:02 min)
  • What's New in CAMWorks 2022?
    HCL CAMWorks 2022 automates Smart Manufacturing for CNC programming and is the most advanced CAM software available on the market.
  • CAMWorks for Solid Edge
    CAMWorks for Solid Edge is a fully integrated Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) solution for Solid Edge. Using CAMWorks for Solid Edge, the CAD and CAM models become one in the same and users can create CNC programs within the familiar Solid Edge interface
  • Wire-EDM-pro-blogs
    Wire EDM Pro
    With CAMWorks Wire EDM Pro you can go from solid model to g-code in one click! once the solid model is opened, the user clicks on the solid to g-code button and the system automatically.
  • CAMWorks 2022- Barrel Tool Support
    Provides better surface finish with barrel tools for finishing operations
  • CAMWorks 2022- Geometry Tab for 3 Axis Operations Workflow
    New geometry tab in 3 Axis Operations to improve workflow and save time
  • CAMWorks 2022- Support Tech DBS
    Ability to view, edit and save barrel tools using the Barrel Tool interface
  • CAMWorks 2022- VoluMill Enhancement
    Option to convert rapid moves to high-feed moves to significantly reduce shaking of the machine and make smooth movements between toolpaths
  • CAM Automation- Beyond the Toolpath
    Skilled manufacturing workers are difficult to find and hire. Through this webinar know how CAM automation increases productivity with your current workforce.
  • Digital ShopFloor for Smart Manufacturing- Beyond the Toolpath Webinar Series
    Watch the video to learn benefits of digital documentation and how to generate and use these in your manufacturing processes
  • Beyond the Toolpath: Streamlining CAM Programming
    Watch the video to learn technology tools available in CAMWorks to significantly streamline CAM programming and automate the CNC programming process