Automating CNC Programming with SOLIDWORKS CAM

SOLIDWORKS® CAM allows users to integrate design and manufacturing processes in one system to avoid downstream delays and rework cost, helping organizations in bringing high quality products faster to market. Manufacturing tasks that had to wait until a design was complete can now be performed concurrently with the design process.

The solution is powered by CAMWorks - The SOLIDWORKS CAM rules-based technology enables you to integrate design and manufacturing in one application, connecting design and manufacturing teams through a common software tool and 3D model.

CAMWorks is the only CAM system that is 100% compatible with SOLIDWORKS CAM.

This is not just another CAM product, nor do we pretend to own the manufacturing space. But it is in our opinion a “smart manufacturing” solution that, based on tolerances, surface finish and features, is able to automatically determine a tool path. It is also meant to indicate the path forward to our large ecosystem of manufacturing partners on how to better integrate CAM with design.

Why CAMWorks?

  • First and best integrated CAM software in SOLIDWORKS

    We are SOLIDWORKS Gold-level solution partner in CAM since 1998. CAMWorks is fully integrated with SOLIDWORKS.
  • Tolerance Based Machining - uses tolerances and features in 3D models to automatically create CNC programs
  • Feature Based Machining - Automatic Feature Recognition (AFR) automatically recognizes over 20 types of prismatic features on native SolidWorks part models, reducing programming time by as much as 90% compared to traditional CAM software
  • Knowledge Based Machining - allows you to capture and reuse your programmers’ best practices using the patented TechDB, reducing programming time by as much as 80% and provides a company owned database to store employee knowledge and skill
  • CAMWorks Virtual Machine - performs true G-code machine simulation directly from the G-code used for the CNC machine, eliminating dry runs and set up time
  • CAMWorks VoluMill™ - the ultra high-performance toolpath engine allows you to reduce your cycle time by 80% for complex 3D- shapes and prismatic parts

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CAMWorks is the only CAM system that is 100% compatible with SOLIDWORKS CAM!


FunctionSOLIDWORKS CAM Standard*SOLIDWORKS CAM Professional*CAMWorks StandardCAMWorks Milling StandardCAMWorks Turning StandardCAMWorks Milling ProfessionalCAMWorks Turning ProfessionalCAMWorks PremiumCAMWorks Bundle Add-Ons
2.5 Axis Milling Plus*XXXXXXXX
2.5 Axis VoluMillXXXXXXX
4/5 Axis IndexingXXXXXXX
3 Axis Milling – L1*XXXXXXX
Rotary MillingXXXXXX
3 Axis Milling – L2*XXX
3 Axis Milling – L3*XX
Synchronous Machining for LathesXXX
Virtual Machine StandardXXX
4 Axis Milling (Add-On to Milling Pro only)XX
5 Axis SimultaneousX


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