Introducing CAMWorks 2021Plus

HCL CAMWorks 2021Plus automates Smart Manufacturing for CNC programming and is the most advanced CAM software available on the market. CAMWorks 2021Plus combines feature-based CAM technology, automatic feature recognition, rules-based machining, and tolerance-based machining to leverage MBD and PMI technology.

PrimeTurning™ from Sandvik Coromant

HCL CAMWorks is one of the first CAM systems to offer support for PrimeTurning™ inserts and holders, which are patented and offered by Sandvik Coromant. PrimeTurning™ is a pattern of high-speed turning (roughing and finishing) using patented insert shapes. PrimeTurning™ adds flexibility to turn in all direction and increases production by more than 50% with faster material removal rates.

HCL CAMWorks PrimeTurning™ functionality offers:

  • The first integrated CAM system to add support for PrimeTurning™ inserts and holders
  • Reduce cycle time for turning by 50% or more
  • Increase insert tool-life by 500% or more
  • Full toolpath support for turning in the unique PrimeTurning™ directions

Complete PrimeTurning™ tool library

Majority of the PrimeTurning™ inserts offered by Sandvik are available with CAMWorks Technology Database or TechDB™.
  • Includes both type A and B PrimeTurning™ inserts
  • Easily accessible directly inside the patented CAMWorks Technology Database
  • Library of over 85 unique PrimeTurning™ tools
  • Filter exclusively for quickly locating PrimeTurning™ inserts and tools

CAMWorks task pane UI

The new user interface or task pane in the CAMWorks application better communicates effective utilization of CAMWorks. Users now have access to Home, Learn and Alerts tabs and will automatically be notified about product updates and releases, learning center, resources, CAMWorks blogs, and case studies.

With the CAMWorks task pane UI, users can:

  • Get the latest news from CAMWorks
  • Gain easy access to tutorials and the learning center
  • Get real-time alerts on important product updates, releases, and collateral
  • Use browser controls and website access

Ability to use multiple technology databases

Learn how to create a list of available TechDB (Technology Data Bases) in all supported formats on a local machine or network. Select any TechDB from that list to be the active TechDB.

Lists of TechDBs offer users the ability to:

  • Customize each TechDB for specific machine types or manufacturing applications
  • Create a selectable list of available TechDBs
  • Easily select the TechDB using CAMWorks options

Z-level probing support for non-planar surfaces

CAMWorks 2021Plus now allows users to select non-planar surfaces during Z axis probing operations. In the pervious release, only planar surfaces could be selected during Z Axis Probe Cycles. This was limiting as Z touch offs could happen on any surface. Now the default touch off point to be considered for toolpath generation is the top-most point of the selected face in Z direction. If the user moves the touch off point, then a ray will fired in the direction of the -Z axis to find the intersection point. This intersection point will then be used as the touch off point for generating toolpaths.

Option to filter milling and turning tools for assemblies using text strings

While adding new tools to the active toolcrib, users can search for tools using the parameters viz. Diameter, tool material and protrusion. A new search parameter of text string has been introduced in CAMWorks 2021Plus. Now users can search for tools using any customized text. CAMWorks will search all parameter fields of the tools and filter the tools containing the user defined text. This capability offers an advantage to all HCL CAMWorks users with quick filtering of tools located in the library.

In CAMWORKS 2021Plus, the options to filter Mill and Turn tools/assemblies based on following parameters are available within the Tool Select Filter dialog box:

  • Tool Type
  • Diameter and end radius /insert radius
  • Tool material
  • Holder designation, type, and summary
  • Protrusion length

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