Zertifizierte Techniker

CAMWorks Team

Geometric has established a certification program for resellers that measures the competencies of these professionals and identifies those resellers that can provide superior quality and support to CAMWorks customers.

The CAMWorks resellers listed below are Certified CAMWorks Support Technicians (CCWST) who have met the performance criteria and passed a comprehensive test on their knowledge of CAMWorks. Through experience and expertise, these professionals have demonstrated the ability to support and demonstrate CAMWorks software.

U.S. Certified Support Technicians

Access Mfg. Systems
  • CCWST Jim Seiler
  • CCWST Denis Larscheid
  • CCWST Glenn Doutrich

Website: www.accessmfgsys.com

Territory: ME, VT, NH, MA, RI, CT, NY, NJ, PA, DE, DC, MD, WV, NC, SC, VA, AL, GA, FL, IL, IN, LA

CADimensions, Inc
  • CCWST Jesse Sprague
  • CCWST Garrett Matheron

Website: www.cadimensions.com

Territory: NY

  • CCWST Jeff Trevorrow
  • CCWST Brian Suchland

Website: www.cutmetalfast.com

Territory: OH, MI, KY, western PA

Cimtronics Midwest
  • CCWST Jim Lemke
  • CCWST Bruce Wiater
  • CCWST Craig Serkanic

Website: www.cimtronics-midwest.com

Territory: AZ, NM, CO, MT, WY, ID, OR, WA, UT, NV, CA, WI, IA, ND, SD

Concepts in Production
  • CCWST Tom Higgins

Website: www.conceptsinproduction.com

Territory: MS

  • CCWST Tyler Reid
  • CCWST Jorge Ahumada
  • CCWST Robert French

Website: www.goengineer.com

Territory: CA, UT, ID, TX, OK

Hawk Ridge Systems, Inc.
  • CCWST Tim Fulton
  • CCWST Daniel Lyon
  • CCWST Brandon Loeb
  • CCWST Kevin Chen
  • CCWST Justin Ludwig
  • CCWST Lindsay Widmeyer
  • CCWST Ryan Navarro
  • CCWST Ryan Rusconi

Website: www.hawkridgesys.com

Territory: USA: CA (ex. San Diego), WA, OR, NV.

Canada: AB, BC, ON, SK, MB

Parsons Technology, Inc.
  • CCWST Bill Parsons

Website: www.parsons-technology.com

Territory: NE, IA, KS, MO

Progression Technologies
  • CCWST Nick Vloitos
  • CCWST Steve Darcey

Website: www.progressiontech.com

Territory: TX

International Certified Support Technicians

  • CCWST Dominik Gawle

Website: www.solidexpert.com

Territory: Poland

  • CCWST Benjamin Faist
  • CCWST Michael Wolter

Website: www.solidline.de

Territory: Germany

  • CCWST Rudolf Obeser
  • CCWST Rudolf Espertshuber

Website: www.geovision.de

Territory: Germany

  • CCWST Armin Huber

Website: www.cad.at

Territory: Austria

  • CCWST Robert Kapers

Website: www.kaperscadcam.nl

Territory: Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg


Website: www.ntcadcam.co.uk

Territory: United Kingdom

  • CCWST Miguel Azkoitia

Website: www.ibermatica.com

Territory: Spain, Portugal

DFM Corporation
  • CCWST Jun Takahashi
  • CCWST Machiko Sakai

Website: www.dfm.co.jp

Territory: Japan

Integra Research Co., Ltd.
  • CCWST Hisashi Yamada

Website: www.integra-research.co.jp

Territory: Japan

SolidWorks Russia
  • CCWST Michael Malov

Website: www.solidworks.ru

Territory: Russia

  • CCWST Angel Samaniegp

Website: www.intelligy.com.mx

Territory: Mexico

  • CCWST Javier Cruz

Website: www.insoftnc.com

Territory: Mexico

Diseno y Manufactura Digital
  • CCWST Juan Pablo Aguillon

Website: www.dmd.com.mx

Territory: Mexico

Disegno Soft
  • CCWST Javier Correa

Website: www.disegnosoft.com.ar

Territory: Argentina

  • CCWST Felix Rivera

Website: www.engiworks.com

Territory: Puerto Rico

Toolquip & Allied
  • CCWST Tim Gilbert

Website: www.toolquip.co.za

Territory: South Africa

NC Computer Systems (NCCS)
  • CCWST Stalin D'souza

Website: www.nccs.com.au

Territory: Australia



Territory: Portugal

IB-CADDY d.o.o.
  • CCWST Andrej Levstek

Website: www.ib-caddy.si

Territory: Slovenia

  • CCWST Mahmoud ELSamanty

Website: www.cadcamcim.com

Territory: Egypt

Solid Wizard Tech Co. Ltd.
  • CCWST Kenneth Yang
  • CCWST Shih-Lung Chen

Website: www.swtc.com

Territory: Taiwan

MEGA Elektronik
  • CCWST Ramazan Akcin

Website: www.megaelektronik.com.tr/

Territory: Istanbul