CAMWorks Xpress

Program Smarter, Machine Faster

The first

Fully integrated in SOLIDWORKS

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  • Full toolpath to solid model associativity: If the model changes, toolpaths will update automatically
  • Automatic Feature Recognition and machining for all complex hole and single point features
  • Store all machining information inside a single SOLIDWORKS file enabling simple data management
  • Eliminate time-consuming file transfers: Accept Native and Neutral Files
  • Fully integrated in SOLIDWORKS user-interface: Work directly on the SOLIDWORKS model

Reduce your programming and machining time by up to 80%

Increase Productivity

Eliminate time-consuming CAM system rework due to design updates.


Minimize Systems

Embedded in the SOLIDWORKS interface. No more time-consuming CAM rework.


Reduce Programming Time

Interpret the design of parts through Automatic Feature Recognition.

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