Tips for becoming a more effective CAMWorks Beta
1. Use
CAMWorks Beta like you use CAMWorks every day:

In your
daily work with CAMWorks, you probably use some areas of the
software much more than others (3 axis, Turning, Multi-Axis, etc.).
Your familiarity with certain functions gives you a distinct
advantage when it comes to finding bugs in these areas.

Use Pack
& Go of SolidWorks to collect a sample set of your part and
assembly files. Use this sample set in the CAMWorks Beta to do as
many of the things that you do in your production version as
possible. Do you encounter crashes, UI issues, unexpected results,
or usability problems? Your strong knowledge of these functions
will give you a unique perspective over other users who may not use
them as much as you do, and you might find issues that are
overlooked by less experienced users. If so, report them to us to
help get these issues resolved before CAMWorks SP0 is

2. The
CAMWorks Beta ‘What’s New’ and ‘Help’ documents are your

‘What’s New’ document gives a brief overview of all of the
new functionality in the CAMWorks Beta. After reading it, use the
Help file (available in English only) to get more detailed
information about how to use these new tools. Because they’re
new, the playing field is level and no users have an expertise or
advantages over others.

As with
any new software, these What’s New items may still have some
“wrinkles” to iron out. The things to focus on

  • Usability:
    Is this function easy and intuitive to use? Is the UI clear and
    easy to understand? Suggest improvements.
  • Performance:
    Was there any performance or crashing issue with it? Did your
    machine fail to complete the operation? Did you encounter any
    display or graphics issues?
  • Results:
    Did this new function give you what you expected?

an issue/query for each problem you encounter to earn points for
the Beta Contest and to help ensure that fixes are implemented
before SP0 is released.

Don’t forget, you earn more points for submitting issues
related to the new functionality.